Food News: Moktezu-Mart

New Food Market To Provide Produce, Prepared Foods And Community Space Near Unm

Robin Babb
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I love the farmer’s markets in Albuquerque. When I lived Downtown, I was within walking distance from the Growers’ Market in Robinson Park, and I went there every Saturday morning to get fresh produce. But that location isn’t convenient for everyone, nor is the one day a week that most of these markets operate. Besides that, outdoor farmer’s markets generally shut down once the weather gets cold.

These are the reasons that Fidel Gonzalez decided to open Moktezu-Mart, an indoor farmer’s market that will be open and selling local produce all year round. The market, which will be on Harvard just in front of UNM, has its grand opening this Wednesday evening, the same time as the last Brick Light Night of the year. The event will be 6-10pm, and will include live music and an Aztec dance performance to bless the new space.

Gonzalez is a part of the Agri-Cultura Network, a cooperative of nine New Mexico farms that sells sustainably grown produce to local families and businesses, mostly by way of a joint CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) delivery. These same farmers will be providing produce to the new Moktezu-Mart, in addition to locally produced honey, cheese, salsa and other products. Moktezu-Mart will also have a kitchen and patio tables, and will be cooking up dishes made from the same local produce they sell. Gonzalez also plans to sell pre-made foods like soups, wraps and burritos.

But Gonzalez wants Moktezu-Mart to be more than just a market—he also wants to provide a place for the community to gather. He plans on hosting live performances of music, dance and poetry at the space, as well as an open mic night. “Imagine going to the farmer’s market, but miniature,” he said.

Of course, since he’s selling only local produce, the selection will shrink or grow according to the seasons. “But we are working with some farmers who grow with greenhouses, so we’ll still have some fresh veggies in the winter,” said Gonzalez. “Our main goal is to advertise for local produce and support the farmers who grow it.”

Moktezu-Mart is located at 115 Harvard Dr SE. Their grand opening event is Wednesday, September 27, 6-10pm.
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