Food News: Openings And Closings Edition

Ty Bannerman
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Witch’s Brew
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Sausage no more

After more than 40 years, an Albuquerque icon will soon be closing its doors for good. Alpine Sausage Kitchen (2800 Indian School NE), a market and butcher specializing in German items, was founded in the 1970s, but passed to its current owners in 1991. According to an article in the Albuquerque Journal, the decision to shut down came from a combination of market forces and the advancing age of the owners, Bill Schmaeh and Vera Scherer, who are both in their 70s. If you’re hankering for authentic brats, better get them quick; the Kitchen is due to close on September 30.

Keep on truckin’, but over there, please

After an 8-0 vote in favor at last week’s City Council meeting, all Albuquerque area food trucks must now maintain a 100-foot distance from brick-and-mortar restaurants, unless they have the owner’s permission. The measure was crafted in response to restaurant concerns about losing business to the trucks, but it has food truck owners worried about their own ability to set up shop, especially in denser areas like Downtown. "Pretty much everywhere we work in town—I mean I think of any place—is within 100 feet of a restaurant," said Greek Geek Food Truck owner Ryan Seabrook in an interview with KOB 4.

Matanza comes to Nob Hill

Restaurateur Peter Gianopoulos, the brains behind Q Burger and Bricklight Dive, has opened up his latest eatery, Matanza in the old Savvy Boutique spot in Nob Hill (3225 Central NE). According to Gianopoulos, the restaurant offers a “progressive” take on New Mexican cuisine—Kobe beef tacos and kale in the enchiladas, for example. The site also offers a huge selection of New Mexican beer, poured from 100 taps. No word on whether pit-roasted pork—the traditional New Mexican food to which the restaurant owes its name—will make an appearance on the menu.

Toil and Trouble

Albuquerque’s open mic and live event fans were ecstatic this summer when it was announced that a new coffee shop would be opening up in the space once occupied by the legendary Blue Dragon. Unfortunately, after three months of scheduling spoken word, acoustic music and other events, the Dragon’s successor, Witch’s Brew, will be closing its doors for good on Thursday, Sept. 24 . “It’s a bummer,” said restaurant manager Cory Minefee, citing financial concerns as the reason for shuttering the space. “[The owner] just didn’t want to invest anymore. Of course, September is the worst time to gauge a business’s prospects.”
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