Food News: V Roast Bistro Opens

V Roast Bistro Will Serve Air-Roasted Coffee And Vegan Grub

Robin Babb
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V Roast Bistro
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After five years of serving great coffee to the University Heights area, Michael Palombo, the mastermind behind Fans of Film Cafe, is moving to a new joint. The new cafe, V Roast Bistro, opened last week at 3904 Central SE, in the same shopping center as Self Serve and Abitha’s Apothecary.

Earlier this year, when he learned that he was losing the lease on his classic location on Yale, Palombo decided to turn it into an opportunity to try something new. Although there have always been plenty of vegan options on the Fans of Film menu, he wanted to take the theme a little further: His new cafe will have an entirely vegan, plant-based menu.

For coffee drinks there will be a variety of non-dairy milks to choose from, and the breakfast burritos will be filled with scrambled tofu or meat substitute. This will, of course, be a reason to celebrate for Burque vegans who are craving a cappuccino and a smothered burrito. But something tells me that omnivores will enjoy the grub, too.

V Roast Bistro will also serve the same organic, air-roasted coffee that made Fans of Film a local favorite. You can still get your sunshine shot—that’s a glass of orange juice with a shot of espresso in it, which Palombo says is “popular in California,” or the movie star—that’s a triple-brewed chai latte. They’ll have their famous blueberry muffins and homemade red and green chile, too.

Something that sets V Roast Bistro apart from its predecessor are the two taps of homemade cold brew coffee: regular and hazelnut. What, you haven’t had cold brew from a tap before? I highly recommend it, especially with V Roast’s custom-made pressurized cold brew. You’ll notice a creamy texture and a distinct lack of the battery acid flavor that accompanies most cold brew coffee.

When I asked Michael Palombo if he thought ART construction might interfere with their business, he seemed unconcerned: “Construction is almost done in this part of Central, and this is a sort of coffee dead zone: There’s nowhere to get coffee between Carlisle and Washington. So people should welcome a new coffee spot.” Although the new cafe is up and running now, there may be a grand opening event sometime in the fall—which we’ll be sure to let you know about.

Some things that will be the same as at Fans of Film, though. “Oh yeah, the film theme is coming along to the new spot,” said Palombo. “Don’t worry.”
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