Food Trucks Roll Out

Ty Bannerman
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Food Trucks Roll Out
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Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and the air all across this fair city of ours is filled with the gentle sound of food truck ignition keys turning, engines rumbling to life and van-back kitchens springing into action. Yes, the warm weather means that food trucks are once again rolling out across the land, seeking out parking lots and sidewalks to serve you the best damned food on four wheels.

Here’s how you find them:

Tasty Tuesdays

Downtown’s Civic Plaza (Marquette, between 3rd and 4th) is now playing host to
a weekly gathering of food trucks, from traditional African cuisine to Korean “Seoul” food. Stop by around lunchtime, from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

The Supper Truck, one of the city’s most consistently awesome bistros-on-wheels sets up shop at Hyder Park on Tuesday evenings, starting at 4:30pm. The scene is chill and family oriented, with dogs and kids cavorting across the grass while musical accompaniment from pixie dream girl Sage Harrington and her magical ukulele waft through the air. I’ve even heard rumors of free yoga lessons.

First Friday

Starting this week (May 2), food trucks will begin gathering at Central and 1st and serving up food from 6pm until 10 (or so) every first Friday of the month. What better way to kick off your Downtown bender than scarfing down a handheld meal?


These gatherings of food trucks spring up at various places all over town. They tend to come and go depending on the weather and how popular a particular location turns out to be, but there’s one pod you can always count on: the original food truck jamboree at Talin market (88 Louisiana SW). Every Wednesday, a veritable who’s-who of the city’s mobile kitchens invade the Asian grocery store’s parking lot and serve up their wares to a horde of hungry people.


La Cumbre, Marble and Tractor Breweries all do their best to keep the food trucks busy on weekday nights. Check their websites for weekly schedules or just drop by and see who’s serving.

The Web

When it comes to tracking down the wild food truck, knowledge is power. Your best bets for planning out a truck-based meal is to hit up the Facebook pages and Twitter profiles of ABQ Food Trucks ( and @abqfoodtrucks) and Duke City Food Trucks ( These organizations (which represent the city’s best trucks) post regular updates informing readers of which trucks are out and about and where to find them, as well as other happenings in the mobile eating community.

Happy hunting, and happy eating!
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