Granddad’s Penultimate Cakes

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(Alex Brown and Evan George)
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This pancake recipe is a hand-me-down from an old chemist, Alex’s grandfather. If you take the time to hunt down the required wheat germ and some proper flour, you will resolutely swear off pancakes from a box until the day you die. Granddaddy Brown did. Never again will you contemplate a $6 stack of fluff that will languish in your gut for the rest of a lackadaisical Sunday. Not that these thick flapjacks won’t send you flying into a food coma—they will—but it will be a rocking-chair-on-the-stoop coma you can relish with old-time vigor.

Make these treats for your sweetheart in bed, your friends after a night of drinking or for your kids when they get off drugs. The only thing you’ll think about after you eat them will be when you get to convert another in the war against Bisquick Mediocrity®.

Hot Knives

Hot Knives

Beverage: Mimosas

Soundtrack: Palace Music’s Viva Last Blues

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