Infernals Got You Beat?

Drinks To Energize Your Next Videogame Marathon

Maren Tarro
1 min read
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Endurance gaming requires, well, endurance. Unfortunately, your natural supply of stamina tends to wane after 36 hours of intense, nonstop battles with crocolisks and murlocs. Before you start to confuse orcs with trolls, you need to feed your body and mind.

Besides energy, you’ll need good old-fashioned vitamins and minerals to fight off fatigue as well as demons and dragonspawn. Because sunshine is unlikely to be on your shoulders during a LAN party, vitamin D is a must. A little vitamin C goes a long way, as does potassium. And, hey, some calcium won’t kill you.

These quick and easy energy-boosting smoothies are as close to mana as you can get in the physical world and take into account the gamer’s special needs without sacrificing taste.

Eating In

Eating In

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