Isolation Log

Day 1

Dan Pennington
4 min read
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Now that I’m not leaving home, I’ve been super-excited to get to all the things I’ve put off. On the docket for the first day was snacks, Netflix, getting some serious playtime in with the pets and, of course, more snacks. Gotta say, this is a much-needed vacation and I’m gonna come out of it looking tan and lean.

Quarantine Log Day 2

I feel super well rested after a night of celebration. My day today was actually pretty much the same as yesterday. Digging back into those snacks, and decided to watch through Supernatural again. The dogs were ready to go with playtime again, so we were back at it with ball throwing in the yard!

Quarantine Log Day 3

Today was a self-improvement day. Decided to spend a large part of it learning guitar and watching more Netflix. Also decided to start making small updates on the house, like switching some old light fixtures for new ones. It can’t be that hard to rewire an electrical circuit for overhead lights instead of flourescent tubes, right?

Quarantine Log Day 4

I severely underestimated how many snacks I would need for two weeks. Rations have begun. I am currently allotting myself one-third of a granola bar a day. A box of Nerds I found have been hidden away for safekeeping, lest my home is raided. I took the dogs to go play fetch. At the sight of the ball, they turned and chose to sleep in the dirt. I am beginning to think they question my leadership.

Quarantine Log Day 5

Sam! Just tell Dean what is going on with your feelings, and also demons! Every year you all do this! Just be open and honest, my god! In other news, I no longer have working lights in any room of my home. Probably should have done the fixtures one at a time rather than all at once. I have begun traversing my house with a candle.

Quarantine Log Day 6

I saw the mailman today. I wanted to go out and touch his face, only for a second, to remember human touch. Social distancing and the fact we don’t know each other prevented me. I have dug through my cabinets for food and found that I have 15 boxes of Hamburger Helper but no hamburger to be helped. Experiments have shown it to be just bad mac and cheese with no meat. I persevere.

Quarantine Log Day 7

I wonder if the outside world remembers me. I held a ball up, and my dogs turned away from me. I think they’re plotting against me, perhaps planning a coup. I broke all the strings on my guitar, so learning has halted completely. The mailman saw me staring at him through the window. He felt my hunger through my stare. I don’t think he plans on returning ever again. I have electrocuted myself no less than nine times through a circuit box I was sure was off. The granola bars are gone, and I have lost track of where I hid the Nerds. Dinner was a hot dog that had been left in the fridge drawer for who knows how long. I microwaved it. It split down the middle. I related.
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