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Gourmet Treats And Mighty Mighty Milk

Eric Castillo
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Rude Boy Cookies
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Jolly Old Saint Nick shouldn’t be the only one who gets to indulge in the milk and cookies tradition this year. Thanks to the opening of Rude Boy Cookies in the Bricklight District near UNM, we can all embrace our inner Santa Claus.

Sitting between Bricklight DIVE and Cheba Hut on Harvard, Rude Boy Cookies is well poised to capture the attention of students and other University-area dwellers, whether they’re looking to satiate a sweet tooth or satisfy a case of the munchies. The late-night window, which allows for walk-up service, stays open an hour after the 10pm closing time on Fridays and Saturdays. Monday through Friday you’ll have to get there before 8pm.

The full Rude Boy experience is best enjoyed from within the shop’s interior. You’ll be met with the sounds of ska playing overhead, a nod to the shop’s theme—the term “rude boy” is slang for fans of the musical style.

The seating includes several tables, a curvy bench, and for those who want a front row view of the kitchen’s inner workings, bar seating.

At the bar you’ll also notice three spouts, like taps you’d expect a pint of Guinness from, but these pour fresh glasses of milk instead. Rude Boy Cookies claims it’s the only milk bar in New Mexico. And since I have yet to come across one anywhere else, I have no reason not to believe them.

I tried the Checkerboard chocolate, a serving of chocolate-flavored whole milk. Mighty Mighty milk (regular whole milk) is also available on tap, while 2%, skim, almond and soy milk options are available from the jug. And for an extra touch, locally made syrups produced by Joliesse Chocolates can be added for 50 cents. Of course it all adds up. My 14-oz. chocolate milk with caramel syrup topped off at $3.25—more than your average gallon of milk. Delicious but hardly a bargain. And while I appreciate the extra touches, like mixing the syrup shots in cocktail mixers, I don’t know that I would spring for this particular splurge in the future.

Now what’s worth the splurge is the main attraction at Rude Boy—the cookies. With over a dozen options staring me down at the counter, I rallied together with friends to sample a nice cross section.

Cookies are divided into two tiers, classic and deluxe. Among the classic cookie options ($1.75 a piece), we tried the 2 Tone red velvet signature, a snickerdoodle and a double chocolate cookie. The winner among the three was definitely the double chocolate, which delivered solid cocoa flavor and didn’t get overwhelmed with sugar the way the snickerdoodle did. The red velvet, while bearing a classy checkerboard pattern on top, didn’t have the silky cream cheese topping I’d expect.

From the deluxe options ($2.50 each), we sampled the white chocolate macadamia nut and s’mores cookies. Like the snickerdoodle, the macadamia nut suffered from a bit too much sugar for my liking, though it had that buttery white chocolate flavor I love. The s’mores cookie, topped with mini marshmallows and bits of chocolate baked right on top, looked the most inviting. And while it didn’t evoke that campfire fresh taste, it satisfied my chocolate craving.

Make sure you ask for it warmed; it’ll make all the difference. In fact, it’s my opinion that every cookie should come warmed up by default. Not only does it make a big difference in creating a soft and chewy texture, it’s what I’d expect when doling $2.50 for a gourmet cookie.

Now if you want to really go over-the-top in your sweet indulgence, there are plenty of ways to do so. For one, you can get any cookie topped off with a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream. Adding a scoop adds a dollar to the total, but the portion is generous. Rude Boy also offers milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches made with your choice of cookies and ice cream, but there was no way my insulin levels would have allowed for me to take in any more sugar for the day.

However, I did grab a to-go pack of their cookie bites of the month. Through December, you can pick up the most New Mexican of cookies: biscochitos. A kid’s size comes with six bite-sized cookies for $2.50. The biscochitos are just as you’d expect. Light, flaky, cinnamony, with a light kiss of anise.

Another December special, and my favorite among the treats I sampled, is the peppermint brownie, served warm with bits of peppermint candy crushed on top. The brownie, more than any cookie I tried, lived up to my ooey gooey expectations. While the age old debate between crunchy versus chewy comes down to a matter of preference, I’m squarely in the soft and chewy camp all the way. If you have a similar taste, I’d recommend one of the brownie bars over the cookies.

If you’re looking for an occasional treat that’ll vanquish your sweet tooth, you can find one at Rude Boy Cookies. And if you’re feeling extra generous, I’m sure Santa wouldn’t mind some of those biscochitos.

Rude Boy Cookies

115 Harvard SE, Suite #7


Hours: 11am to 8pm Monday to Thursday

11am to 10pm Friday and Saturday

Closed Sundays

Vibe: Ska meets A Clockwork Orange meets Keebler

Extras: Milk bar, walk-up window (open until 11pm Friday and Saturday)

The Alibi recommends: double chocolate cookies, peppermint brownies

Rude Boy Cookies

Eric Williams

Rude Boy Cookies

Eric Williams

Rude Boy Cookies

An honest-to-goodness milk bar, my droogs.

Eric Williams

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