Something To Do With Corn?

Gwyneth Doland
2 min read
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1 Paper, plastic or corn? These new containers, in use at Wild Oats salad bars, are made from a corn-based resin designed to quickly and fully biodegrade. They look just like regular take-out containers except for the embossed Natureworks PLA logo. (No extra charge, Wild Oats)

Cool Stuff

2 Quorn meat-free nuggets contain 1/3 less fat than chicken nuggets, boast a ton of protein and a respectable amount of fiber. Made from fermented mycoprotein (in the fungus family) the nuggets taste about as much like chicken as any chicken nugget does. ($3.99, Wild Oats)

Cool Stuff

3 Just Corn's freeze-dried corn kernels make a surprisingly irresistable snack. Slightly sweet and pleasantly crunchy, half the tub disappeared before the photo shoot. A great substitute for buttered popcorn at the movies. ($4.79, Wild Oats)

Cool Stuff

4 Pom Wonderful's 100 percent pomegranate juice is perfectly sweet/tart without the addition of corn syrup sweeteners. Plus, it has more antioxidant power than red wine, green tea or noni juice. Also comes in combination with blueberry and cherry juices. ($3.49, Wild Oats)

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