Stone’s 10-Year Anniversary Ipa

Berry Patch Booze, Sour Grain Punch, Dank Bud Hay Fever Like A Disturbingly Good Cat Piss Kool-Aid. Strawberry Fields Forever.

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“Garlicky” just may be the most overused word in the food writer’s lexicon. Why? Because there are few dishes that shouldn’t come with a little garlic in ‘em. It’s like saying something tastes “good.” The beer equivalent is “hoppy.” Show us a brew that doesn’t have some level of hoppiness to it, and we’ll tell you to dump it out. So, saying something’s hoppy is about as much description as burping. C’mon hopheads, we need to develop a language that surpasses grunts and clicks!

What better beer to start with, we thought, than Stone’s 10-year anniversary IPA.

The pour of this beer is lying to you: An ordinary amber shine hides an insanely different IPA taste. The nose is, literally, spiked fruit punch—strongly fruity, almost overpoweringly sweet on first sip. But after you chill with it, this beer brings you over to its side. The depth of this kind of hoppiness makes us wish all those oxygen bars that were big a couple years ago could be converted into IPA huffing bars. Impeccable.

And since Stone’s staple IPA, Ruination, began as a limited edition or specialty brew, we have faith that we may see this hard-ass beer again someday.
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