Summer Dining Guide

Robin Babb
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We’re all about eating and drinking with the seasons here at the Alibi, and that means more than just getting seasonal produce at the market. It also means eating and drinking what feels good at that time of year. Paletas are an unquestionable staple of summer fare in Albuquerque, as much as dipping your toes in the Rio Grande and dancing around the roaches that swarm the streets at night. While it’s a little more high falutin, I’d argue that sharing a bottle of prosecco on a sunny patio is an equally important part of the season. At least, it’s certainly on my list of things to do.

In this issue we’re talking about some of our favorite parts of dining out in the summer in Albuquerque: ice cream, patios and day drinking—by which I mean happy hour. If you’re out of school for the summer and looking for ways to pleasantly waste time until the next semester, this little guide is absolutely for you. If your schedule doesn’t change over the summer but you still want to get the most out of the warmer weather, it’s for you, too. We all deserve a summer break, but many of us don’t get one because of capitalism. In which case we have to make our own fun, right?

In the patio guide you’ll learn about all the best places you can go to eat and drink
al fresco, which is a nice Italian loanword that we should all be using more often. Patios and balconies and rooftop restaurants—anywhere that allows you to enjoy the sun and the breeze (and hopefully a view of the mountains) is the best place to be in the summer. Plus, you can bring your doggo to most of them.

In the happy hour guide we list some of the local spots we like the most for afternoon drinks and eats that won’t break the bank. On those days when you can get out of work early and feel a little crispy from staring at a screen for hours, the best way to wind down is typically a $5 blueberry margarita at Matanza and shit-talking with your coworkers. So we’ll see you there.

Lastly, our list of favorite ice cream shops in Albuquerque will help you cool down on those upcoming 100 degree days. Whether it’s the over-the-top toppings at The Paleta Bar or the sublimely creamy gelato at Frost, you’ll find some cold, sweet treats to help you feel like a kid again.

If you’re a real pro, I recommend combining all these summertime dining activities with bike rides and swimming for maximum enjoyment. So grab your sunscreen and sandals and head out to one of our recommended spots—carefully researched and curated by a very choosy editorial staff.
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