Tapped Beer Bbq Sauce

A Tasty End For Your Leftover Fourth Of July Keg

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Use every last drop, you thrifty drunkards! (Alex Brown and Evan George)
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When you fail to finish off a keg, you’ve clearly shirked your responsibilities, and there is only one way to redeem yourself: turn it into to a thick and smoky barbecue sauce. Contrary to popular opinion, that brown sugar, hickory ooze is not such a mysterious undertaking. Here’s an intermediate recipe that will make use of those cups of keg beer and boost your self-esteem. The only problem is that once you’re going ape shit smothering everything in your fridge with this sauce, you’ll wish you had a keg of beer to go with it.

Hot Knives

Hot Knives

Beverage: Lagunitas Censored Ale

Soundtrack: Rolling Stones,
Exile on Main Street

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