The Amazing Fortune 3000!

Discovers The Desires Of Your Belly While Predicting Your Future!

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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1) With the fortune teller face-down, fold each of the four corners to the midpoint of the page.

2) Flip your new, smaller square over, and fold each of the four new corners to the midpoint of the page.

3) Fold in half.

4) Stick your index fingers and thumbs into each of the four pockets and pinch closed.

5) Choose your level of hunger and spell the word out, opening the fortune teller once for each letter. First spread your thumbs away from your index fingers so the mouth opens vertically. That counts as one letter. Now pinch the thumb and finger of each hand together, then pull apart horizontally. That’s the next letter.

6) After spelling out your word, look in the teller’s mouth. Do any of these words describe your craving? If not, spell out “meh.”

7) Choose an interior food craving and flip up the panel. Read what’s underneath. Follow the instructions to a T or risk erupting in flames.
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