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Bob’s Fish and Chips is Really, Finally Closed– A "for sale" sign has loomed uncomfortably in front of Bob’s Fish and Chips for months, but the little drive-up kept turning out white paper sacks filled with frito pie and fish planks unabated. We figured it was a phase. We hoped that before Bob’s finally got around to closing its doors, some benevolent fried food enthusiast would capitalize on a truly golden opportunity and seize up the orphaned fry shack. But Daddy Frybucks didn’t make it in time. Last week, Bob’s Fish and Chips served their last chili dog to Alibi Production Manager Tom Nayder.

Bob’s Fish and Chips has been an Albuquerque institution since 1952. That’s incredible staying power for any business in New Mexico, let alone a restaurant that specializes in something as quixotic as fried fish in a desert town. Throughout the course of its nearly 55-year history, Bob’s has passed hands only three times: Husband-and-wife team Petra Torres and Andy have upheld the tradition for the past 27 years. Even with such an uncommon love for fish and chips, nearly three decades in the fish-fry business is enough. They’re retiring. Petra hopes to take an ocean cruise and see where all of those fish came from firsthand (without having to cook them, for a change). As for Bob’s–no bids have been made on the business, just the property it sits on (700 Central SE, in the Huning Highland area). It’d be a shame to lose that classic piece of the Mother Road to some ugly monolith to New Urban revisionist history, but we’ll see. In the meantime, there’s always The Dog House.

The Dish

What You’re Saying– All right, my hungry readers, here’s what’s rumbling in your tummies as 2006 comes to a close:

1) Are there any restaurants open on Christmas Day that won’t cost a fortune or require reservations made back in September?

2) Now that they’ve cut us off from our Krispy Kreme supply, where can we score a decent donut?

3) Where the heck did Koury’s Deli go?

4) Is there any good crème brûlée hiding in this city?

Your first question is easy. Flip to this week’s featured "Chowtown" restaurants for a list of reliably good, reasonably priced restaurants that will stay open for Christmas. (Merry Christmas!) The rest of your queries, however, require a little more subjective input. If you’ve insight into any of these juicy little items, phone or e-mail me your suggestions. As always, I’ll publish your best findings right here and reward the winning tipsters with an envelope stuffed with goodies. Happy holiday dining!
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