The Dish: Coffee Talkee

Dan Pennington
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Two articles on coffee? Is this heresy? Nay, ’tis passion. You won’t be just be pounding those beans on the field, but also in most aspects of your time in and around the city. This is doubly beneficial for our regular readers, as this will help settle you into a new coffee shop of your choice.

The Dish Finding Your Zendo Space

Zendo Coffee (413 Second Street SW) is arguably one of my all-time favorite shops. There was a wonderful period of my life when I lived a couple blocks away and it was a simple walk up the street to be on their front steps. Featuring some of the most expertly crafted cups of coffee you could ever hope to find, with a shockingly long list of special concoctions you’ve never even thought of being a possibility, you’ll have no shortage of options to tantalize your tastebuds and senses. Add on the incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff, an assortment of treats and snacks, plus a dog friendly atmosphere that will let you cuddle with some of the furriest and friendliest residents of our city, and you have a shop worth practically living in.

The Dish Cutbow Fo’ Sho’

Cutbow Coffee (1208 Rio Grande Blvd. NW) is one of those spaces that just feels like it lives somewhere entirely not here. You step into the shop and everything in your life pauses for you to catch your breath and truly relax. With their on-site roasting, gorgeous interior, laidback vibe and fantastic coffee, you’re not going to find much to complain about here. Add some really interesting teas to the mix for those who avoid the extra hefty dose of caffeine found in coffee and you’ll find yourself in a shop that has a little bit of something for everyone.

The Dish A Cuppa Joe

Java Joe’s (906 Park Ave. SW #3045) are our wonderful neighbors, so we have a little bit of familiarity with their coffee. With rotating specialty beans, a list of some wild flavor combinations for specialty drinks, a constantly innovative drink of the week (which we absolutely love!), a food menu that balances variety with simplicity and an upbeat staff that are wonderful to talk to, Java Joe’s is just plain amazing. Add on to that their outdoor patio (dog and smoker-friendly), a vivid interior full of local art and pastries galore, and this is your new favorite quick stop breakfast discovery.

The Dish Finding Fino

Albuquerque’s best-kept coffee secret might be downtown’s Espresso Fino (222 Gold Ave. SW). This cozy caffeinated nook is suffused with the charm and skill of hardworking sleep-when-you’re dead owner Greg Flores. Greg prides himself on making each drink to a customer’s exact specifications. Upon receiving your cup of joy, you may be asked to taste and verify that you’re pleased. The word is getting out though, Espresso Fino just got a nod in Food & Wine as "one of the city’s most enjoyable coffee bars."
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