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Dan Pennington
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Comfort Food In Comfort Zone
Vroom vroom, he has your spaghetti! (Pixabay)
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As I prepare to move to a new home, I’ve found my kitchen woefully empty and packed up, leaving me on a mad dash to pick up quick bites to eat where possible. Not content to fill myself with the shockingly feeble attempts at food that Burger King and other fast food joints manage to push out, I recently got one of those phone delivery apps that bring the food to me. What I thought was going to be a selection of mostly low-tier fast food joints has shown me a whole world of delivery options I never thought possible. Nothing is quite as enjoyable as having a whole meal from a decent place delivered to the comfort of home and avoiding the weird neurosis I feel when other people watch me eat. So here are my recommendations for non-traditional delivery restaurants via app ordering for the nights you’re just not feeling it.

The Dish Five Dudes Felt Weird

Five Guys Burgers & Fries is one of those weird guilty pleasures. There are a ton of places that do some really wild and amazing burgers, but for some reason, everytime I go to Five Guys, I feel like I’m treating myself to something special. The massive amount of food they manage to give you with your order is absolutely incredible. Is it our city’s best burger? No, but it’s so enjoyable to eat that it hardly matters. Add onto that an order of fries that could legally kill a person from the sheer amount of them, and you have a meal worth taking time out of your day. My biggest issue? None are close to me, and I don’t feel like driving to go there. Having a king’s meal brought to my door? Even better.

The Dish Saucy And Sassy

Saggios is one of those places you sometimes forget exists when you aren’t on campus constantly. For the years of college I attended, nothing beat their combo deal of a slice with a cannoli, and I ordered it more times than I care to openly own up to. But featuring far more than just pizza, they have a sizeable menu full of Italian delights worth digging into. My grandmother would kill me if I told her I don’t take the time to make my own pasta, but sometimes you need a fettuccine Bolognese and you need it fast. Saggios steps up to the plate with some truly baller sauce that is hearty and filling, with a premium al dente pasta that gives you the good feelings you crave. Even better, I can now eat it at home without looking around like a 4-year-old eating their first pasta dish, face covered in red and looking foolish. Could I eat smaller bites and wipe my face off? Sure, but that’s not fun, and half of eating is enjoying yourself.
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