The Dish: Soup For Your Soul

Dan Pennington
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Mannie’s (Justin Ryberg)
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There are few things more terrible in this world than being cold. If I’m hot, I can get by and adjust, but if I’m cold, it sinks into my bones, the spirit within me feels it. Thankfully, we as a people have come up with soup, the great equalizer of cold. It fills us not just with nourishment, but also heat. As the heart of winter begins to slowly start her course of softening, we brace against that final rush of northern air that grinds against us and hope to make it through alive.

The Dish French Onion Is King

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Annie’s Soup Kitchen (3107 Eubank Blvd. NE) here. It’s been a part of the Northeast Heights for as long as I remember. They’ve always got a daily soup special, so variety is there for you, but how could you not want to do their French Onion Soup instead? Made with melted Swiss cheese on top, served with homemade French bread and butter, it’s the gooey mess of a soup that truly changes your life when you eat it. French onion soup is earnestly one of the greatest creations on the planet, and Annie’s Soup Kitchen does it just right, giving a balance of flavors that lends itself to true superiority. If your mouth isn’t watering right now just thinking about this, then I don’t know how else to help you. It’s the season of soup, and French onion is begging to be king.

The Dish Mannie’s Got Variety

Mannie’s Restaurant (2900 Central Ave. SE) has been a staple on the University area for a long time with a combo of killer breakfasts, great service and a nice selection of soup, adding up to a place that’s hard to not love. Even more so, they have a soup of the day that shifts and gives you the variety you need to feel fulfilled in life, something to help you brace against that cold. It’s hard not to love a good soup, especially when it’s a Hamburger Vegetable Soup, or the classic Green Chile Chicken Soup. Too standard for you? Maybe the Greek Chicken Soup is more your style. The point is, you have options, so utilize them in getting your soul warmed up a bit.

The Dish Duran’s Makes Me Hungry Like The Wolf

Duran Central Pharmacy (1815 Central Ave. NW) is famous for a lot of reasons, notably taking the best red and green chile awards in last year’s Best of Burque voting. But their restaurant holds a lot of food that is just so exceptional, it’s worth your time to get down there. For example, their Tortilla Soup, which is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays. It features green chile, avocado and cheese, which may sound simple, but is a mash-up of all things great in a soup that leaves you begging for more. If there was truly one soup on this list that would straight up change your life after trying it, I would have to say this is the one, so make the journey to find out what the big deal is.
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