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Dan Pennington
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Slated For Success
(Dan Pennington)
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Wait, you might be thinking that I made a mistake, but worry not, I’m in complete control of this situation. This week’s The Dish is about weekly specials. Nothing is more exciting than new things to try at your favorite haunts. It takes a special restaurant to find constantly changing and evolving dishes that have bold flavor combinations to keep things interesting in the dining room. The onus is on you to ask your waitstaff what the specials are, to avoid missing out on something righteously unique. So take some time to honor these pioneers in the field who constantly strive to make your usual visit a little more interesting.

The Dish Slated For Success

Slated For Success Dan Pennington
I talk about Slate Street Cafe (515 Slate Ave. NW) a lot, I know. But it’s hard not to love the winning combination of interesting takes on favorites we’ve seen done a million times already. Additionally, they have new specials every single day of the week, both for lunch and dinner. From Friday through Sunday, they even do a really bold set of brunch options that are almost always to die for. There was a run of beer-battered chicken and waffles that they ran one week that still sits in my mind as one of the best brunches I’ve ever had. Dinner ups the ante with some dishes that sound too elegant for any mere mortal to enjoy, yet all you need to do to get in on them is to ask. If you still haven’t gone, you’re really running out of excuses.

The Dish French Me, Baby

Le Troquet (228 Gold Ave. SW) is one of those lovely spots you see Downtown that you mark in your mind as worth visiting, but might have never gotten around to checking out. With some killer regular options offered during lunch and dinner, they also always have some great specials running. We don’t get a ton of French options out here, so it’s nice to find a spot that does it well. So next time you’re working your way through Downtown and feel like something unique and new for lunch, why not swing by Le Troquet and get your French on?
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