The Mouthful: Thankfulness Edition

Ty Bannerman
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Thankfulness Edition
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I love Thanksgiving because even though it’s a holiday with some unsavory or, shall we say, “problematic” overtones—the Puritans were kind of assholes, let’s face it— more than anything else, it’s a time to celebrate the universal values of love, family and gratitude. Plus you don’t have to buy anyone presents. Instead, you eat some excellent food and take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life.

In that spirit, I offer up this list of the restaurants and food I am thankful for this holiday season.

I am thankful to the
New Mexico Pie Company for saving my Thanksgiving bacon with a delicious gluten free pumpkin pie. And I think I’ll be thankful again, maybe even several times before the holidays are over or my pants no longer fit. Or both, probably.

– to
High Noon Saloon, because even though the tradicional margarita is no longer on the menu, the bartender is still happy to mix one up for you if you ask.

– for the super-abundance of excellent microbreweries that have blossomed in this town.

– to
Gluten Free Gourmet Foods for making my spouse’s gluten intolerance easier for both of us.

– to
Buffett’s Candies for helping me keep the chocolate flowing from November to January. Also, for having a giant candy cane on the side of their building that makes my daughter shriek with joy every time she sees it.

– to
O’Niell’s Pub for being both kid and adult friendly and slinging the best Shirley Temples in town.

– to
Cecilia’s Cafe for serving up the hottest damn red chile I’ve ever had.

– to the ancient
New Mexico Magazine recipe booklet that has guided me through many a holiday bounty of enchiladas, posole and flan.

– to
Winning Coffee Co. for its ever-lively and fascinating people-watching environment.

– to
Duggan’s Coffee Shop for being a quiet and friendly alternative when Winning becomes too much to bear.

– to the
Rail Yards Market for bringing back a spark of life to one of Albuquerque’s worst areas of urban blight.

– to the
Albuquerque Press Club for weathering more than its fair share of storms over the last 40 years and still offering Albuquerque’s best porch for imbibing.

– to
India Kitchen for being Albuquerque’s oldest and best Indian restaurant.

– to
Tia B’s La Wafflería for replacing IHOP as my son’s favorite restaurant. (I was worried there was something wrong with him.)

– to
B2B Bistronomy for hosting nearly weekly “Giving Back Sunday” fundraisers for a wide variety of organizations, from the Open Space Alliance to the Agora Crisis Center.

– And especially to
St. Martin’s Coffee Shop for letting me get my caffeine fix and help people who are transitioning out of homelessness at the same time.

Happy Thanksgiving, Burque.
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