The Veggie Burgers Of Abq

It’s Not Just Fake Meat Anymore, Kids

Robin Babb
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veggie burger
Some burgers are greener than others. (photo from Pixabay)
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Don’t think we forgot about our vegetarian friends in this meat-heavy issue. There are plenty of burgers y’all can enjoy, too. In fact, the spectrum of what qualifies as a veggie burger is a lot wider than the spectrum of regular, made-from-cows burgers, so there’s actually a much bigger culinary landscape to explore for those willing to depart from meat. If you think all veggie burgers are of the fake meat variety, then I say you haven’t tried enough veggie burgers.

Although a lot of restaurants are tempted to phone in their one vegetarian entrée (because they figure vegetarians aren’t used to eating good food anyway, I guess?), that trend is starting to change. We’ve had some pretty damn good veggie burgers in this city, so we wanted to let y’all know where to get them. Whether you’re a veghead or just want to try something a little different, these are all great options for satisfying your next burger craving.

The Veggie Agenda Edamame Cashew Burger At B2B Bistronomy

When I first visited B2B, I was floored at just how many veggie burger options they have—and all made in-house, of course. In addition to the standard black bean patty, there’s a tempeh burger, a quinoa and kale burger, a pecan lentil burger and my favorite, the edamame cashew burger. Topped with provolone cheese, wasabi pesto mayo, fresh radishes and carrots, this thing is so full of flavor you won’t miss the meat for a moment. Just $11.50 for this giant burger on a toasted bun, with fries on the side.

The Veggie Agenda Black Bean Burger At Grassburger

A black bean burger is like, the lowest common denominator of veggie burger, right? Well, Grassburger has made one that packs a little extra: quinoa, flax, oats and psyllium, to be exact. It’s hearty and satisfying and comes slathered in vegan BBQ sauce. Get it in a lettuce wrap instead of a bun if you’re going for a lighter lunch—or a gluten free bun if you don’t get along with gluten. This 1/4 lb burger is only $6.15!

The Veggie Agenda Impossible Burger At Sister

So, the burger that Sister serves up is the Impossible Burger patty, and not one that they make in the kitchen. That said, I’m still putting it on this list because hot damn is it good. In case you’ve been paying attention, this is the burger that’s so meat-like that it actually bleeds (beet juice), and the texture is so similar to an actual burger that I almost don’t trust it. The whole thing comes with green chile, cheddar cheese, lettuce and Sister’s house “fancy sauce” on top, with fries or tots on the side for $11. Get the vegan cheese on it for an extra dollar.

The Veggie Agenda Black Bean Burger At Rustic

Rustic has put together a pretty sweet special burger for Burger Week, but their menu standards are tasty all year round. Their house-made black bean patty is full of chipotle flavor and smothered in American cheese, served with all the fixin’s on a brioche bun. You can grab this one at either their Green Jeans location or at Rustic Star on Central. Only $9 for this a la carte classic.

The Veggie Agenda No Cow Burger At Holy Burger

The cool thing about veggie burgers is that there’s kind of no rule book: You can get as inventive with the ingredients as you want, as long as you can make it into a patty and put it between bread. Holy Burger definitely takes advantage of this creative freedom. Their veggie burger is made of roasted eggplant and chickpeas, fried into a crunchy patty and topped with a miso aioli. That’s a lot of umami goodness right there. This tasty burger comes a la carte for $8.75.

The Veggie Agenda The Veg At Fork & Fig

Fork & Fig take the term “veggie burger” quite literally with their burger. The veg consists of grilled eggplant, sautéed zucchini and mushrooms, sweet peppers, caramelized onions and tomato, served on a brioche bun slathered with aioli. The avocado tartine sandwich is another tasty veggie entrée on the Fork & Fig menu, too. The veg comes with one side for $12.

The Veggie Agenda The Acre Burger At The Acre

Albuquerque’s newest all vegetarian restaurant is pretty high on my list of favorite casual dinner spots—if you’re a veggie lover in the 505 and you haven’t been to The Acre yet, let me encourage you to change that. Their veggie burger is made with beets, black beans and quinoa and comes with the classic fixin’s, plus melty cheese, an onion ring or sliced avocado, if you so choose. This comes with a side of housemade potato chips or side salad for $10.
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