Try This At Home: After The Rain

Jessica O’brien’s Monsoon Season Cocktail

Robin Babb
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Jessica O’Brien’s drink inspired by the first rain (Jessica O’Brien)
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For this issue I got to interview Jessica O’Brien, the cocktail master at Sister Bar. A true artist in the medium of booze, O’Brien makes a new special cocktail every week that she serves on Monday nights from 6pm until it’s all gone. Her drinks are usually ephemeral treats, but I managed to talk her into sharing a recipe for one of her recent weekly specials so you can make the magic happen at home. You’re welcome.

“Balance, balance, balance,” O’Brien said when I asked her about the most important part of crafting a good cocktail. “You have to find a balance between your liquor, your sweetness and your acidity. As long as you can get those three down, it’s just playing around after that.” For her, “playing around” usually looks like strolling through the produce aisles at the grocery store and seeing what jumps out at her. She takes into account what’s fresh and in season, what the weather calls for and what she thinks the masses want to drink when she makes a new cocktail.

This drink came from the Jayo’s Cocktail Pop-Up on May 21, when we got our first monsoon of the season. Inspired by the pleasant coolness and the springtime smell of rain, O’Brien crafted this refreshing, vegetal drink that combines snow peas, cucumber and rosemary. It tastes like a garden, in the best way possible.

Try making After the Rain at home, and come visit O’Brien at her next Jayo’s Cocktail Pop-Up: Monday, June 11, from 6pm to close.

Try This At Home

Try This At Home

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