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Robin Babb
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Oolong tea, made the right way (Image from Pixabay)
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Yours truly was fighting a wicked cold last week, so I was very grateful that the ever-reliable Hosho McCreesh stepped in to provide a restaurant review for the issue—I was on bed rest and unable to taste anything, anyway. But that time spent on the couch wasn’t completely wasted: I got through all of “Salt Fat Acid Heat,” the new Netflix food documentary series from Samin Nosrat. Whether or not you’re homebound, I highly recommend it.

Another thing I recommend is getting involved in your local food scene, because it becomes that much better when we’re all taking part. You can start by checking out these events this week and, I don’t know, maybe making a pact with your friends to never eat at another national chain restaurant again? Just an idea.

Weekly Specials: Wild Game Night Demo And Dinner Wild Game Night Demo And Dinner

Are you a hunter? A fisher? Do you just really like the taste of wild game? Come out to Three Sisters Kitchen (109 Gold Ave. SW) on Thursday night, Nov. 8 from 6 to 8pm for a Wild Game Night Demo and Dinner hosted by the New Mexico Wildlife Federation and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Chef Dave Sellers and Katie DeLorenzo from BHA are teaming up to teach you some recipes and techniques for preparing your next trophy and to serve up a tasting of some delicious wild game dishes. Game like elk, venison and oryx will be covered in the class. Tickets are $30 for one person or $50 for two. You can buy your tickets through Eventbrite.

Weekly Specials: Taiwanese Oolong Teas: Tea Class And Tasting Taiwanese Oolong Teas: Tea Class And Tasting

I don’t know anything about oolong tea, but I know some people who do: the folks at The Fragrant Leaf, Albuquerque’s favorite tea shop. At their oolong tea class and tasting on Saturday, Nov. 10 you can learn all about the history, flavor variations, harvesting processes and brew methods for this Vietnamese tea. The event is from 10am to noon, and costs $20 per person. Reserve your spot online at thefragrantleaf.com or by calling 505-255-0522.

Weekly Specials: Plant Powered Pop Up Market Plant Powered Pop Up Market

Oolong tea, made the right way Image from Pixabay
If you swing more to the vegetarian side of the dietary spectrum, then you should also check out the Plant Powered Pop Up Market on Sunday, Nov. 11. From 1 to 5pm, several plant-based vendors, caterers and cooks are selling their wares at La Luna Bakery and Cafe (319 Fifth Street SW). La Luna is also offering a special vegan brunch all day. This could be a great spot to get a jump on holiday gift shopping for the vegetable-inclined in your life.
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