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Dan Pennington
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These Puppies WonÕt Stop Talking
Don’t get the puppies drunk. They definitely don’t have their IDs. (Dan Pennington)
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Dan’s on the keyboard with the Alibi see, all the readers of the section will be in on things happening in Albuquerque. You, me and she run to the brewery. Get your munch on to feel fuller. Me and the readers, we got this relationship. I love food events so bad but they keep me overbooked. We’ve advertised them for a quarter of a century, keeps readers’ weeks busy and leaves no time left for me. Oh, read these suggestions with your eyes. You might find something that’s a surprise. What’re we gonna be doin’ for a while, guess I’ll eat all by myself. Getting out is good for your health.

Weekly Specials: Always Clean The Plate Always Clean The Plate

Canvas Artistry (3120 Central Ave. SE) in Nob Hill is running the Clean Plate Club on June 23 from 11am to 2pm. This music, brunch and happy hour will feature $3 premium well drinks, beer and wine. These include the brunch staples: mimosas, Micheladas and Bloody Mary’s. There will be food specials as well, to keep things interesting and provide options for chowing down open to people of all taste profiles. For more information, call them at 639-5214.

Weekly Specials: No Actual Chimps, Please No Actual Chimps, Please

Chimp Freedom Party 2019 sounds like the coolest thing ever, just based on the name alone, but at its core is phenomenal. Hollow Spirits (1324 First Street NW) is hosting this event on June 22 from 11:30am to 1pm, and the goal is to support the local Chimpanzee Sanctuary Fund. Featuring great drinks, vegan refreshments, a puppet show and the chance to win art featuring chimps and other prizes, it’s going to be a great event for a good cause. Additionally, you’ll be able to meet Dr. Sheri Speede, founder and director of Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center.

Weekly Specials: These Puppies Won’t Stop Talking These Puppies Won’t Stop Talking

These Puppies WonÕt Stop Talking Don’t get the puppies drunk. They definitely don’t have their IDs. Dan Pennington
The Biweekly Puppy Social at Differential Brewing (500 Yale Blvd. SE) is exactly where you need to be, whether you have a puppy or not. On June 23, from noon to 2pm, you can bring your fully vaccinated puppy aged from 2 to 5 months old, to hang out, meet other puppies and work with expert dog trainer Pauly Kostora, who will be giving advice and sharing knowledge about puppy behavior and habits. There are only 20 slots available for puppies to attend, but you can feel free to hang around without a puppy and meet them after. Beer and puppies are basically the ideal way to spend any weekend, so make sure you get on down just to cuddle puppies.
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