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Dan Pennington
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Usually I try and fill this first bit with a witty intro, but I must admit I’m at a loss today for what to say. This was a particularly fast holiday season, and now that we’re in The Roaring ’20s 2: Electric Boogaloo, it’s time to get back to the usual pace. I present these three events for your viewing pleasure, and hope at least one of them fills your need to get out and explore.

Weekly Specials: Baked Curry In A Hurry Baked Curry In A Hurry

On Thursday, Jan. 9, The Creative Contessa (1142 Narcisco St. NE) will be hosting Sip & Bake – Indian style from 6pm to 9pm. Through this class, the secrets for making good Indian food will finally be yours. In this case that food is a delicious baked curry, featuring khatte, fish, chicken or veggies. You get to take home your meal as well as the pocketful of knowledge on how to replicate it again should the mood strike. Tickets are $35 a person, but if you bring a friend, you’ll get $5 off. That means, you just need to get 7 friends to come with you to get in free! Now, if those 7 friends invite 7 friends of their own, they get in free, too! Am I saying this is the approach you should take? I’m not not saying that. For more information, visit The Creative Contessa on Facebook.

Weekly Specials: Pairing And Sharing Pairing And Sharing

There’s nothing quite like a good wine, especially when it is paired with the perfect something. Whether that something is food or music or in this case both, it’s a treat for the mind and the body. That’s why on Saturday, Jan. 11 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Lazy Lizard Grill (12480 North Hwy. 14) will be hosting the January Wine Pairing Dinner with music by Lynn Taylor. This four-course dinner is only $50, which covers your food, your drinks, your tip and guarantees you a seat at the big kid’s table. With the main course being pan-seared duck breast with maple bourbon beurre blanc served alongside a purple sticky rice and sautéed Swiss chard, you know you’re in for the right meal to kick off the year with. For more information, contact Lazy Lizard Grill at 505-281-9122 to reserve your seat now.

Weekly Specials: Are You Vedic Are You Vedic

Annapurna’s School of Ayurvedic Cooking (2209 Silver Ave. SE) will be hosting an Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking on Saturday, Jan. 11 from 9am until noon. This class will feature a kitchari cooking demonstration, while also covering other material such as basics like rice, dal, vegetable dishes and more. Through this class, you’ll learn to create a daily routine to incorporate the Ayurvedic lifestyle into your day-to-day activities. Annapurna wants to revive a 5,000-year-old lifestyle in the year 2020, and by golly, you can be a part of that. Tickets are $45 plus tax, so to get yours and to learn more about this class, call 505-262-2424.
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