Weekly Specials: Albuquerque To Big Bend

Best Places To Eat On The Drive Down South

Robin Babb
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By the time you read this, I’ll be heading down I-25 towards Big Bend National Park for a camping trip with an old friend. To say that I’m excited about this one is an understatement; I’ve been wanting to visit Big Bend since I left Texas eight years ago, but haven’t been able to make it happen for one reason or another until now. I’m leaving you all for the week with a sort of food-centric itinerary of my trip, since it’s all I can think about right now.

Since I grew up in Houston and have lived in California and New Mexico, I’m pretty familiar with the easterly drive back to southern Texas. In case any of y’all have similar road trips planned for the summer (although I really don’t recommend visiting southern Texas in the summer for heat stroke reasons), I thought I’d give you a few tips on where to stop for good eats on that long and lonesome drive.

Weekly Specials: Latitude 33 In Truth Or Consequences, N.m. Latitude 33 In Truth Or Consequences, N.m.

Whenever I happen to be in Truth or Consequences around dinnertime, I stop by Latitude 33, the tasty Asian fusion restaurant at 304 S. Pershing Street. They serve curry and noodles alongside other, less-expected fare like yucca fries and a blueberry teriyaki pork bowl, all of which really hits the spot after a long afternoon of soaking in the hot springs. If you want to eat in a slightly more casual setting, order your food to-go from T or C Brewing Company, just down the block.

Weekly Specials: Marfa Burrito In Marfa, Texas Marfa Burrito In Marfa, Texas

These days, Marfa has a lot of expensive restaurants opened by people who moved there from Brooklyn. I’m sure they’re probably great, but I haven’t been to them. When I’m in Marfa I always go to Marfa Burrito, which is owned and operated by a hardworking Mexican woman out of a small house near El Cosmico glampground. There’s just a few things on the menu, but it’s the cheapest eats in town, huge portions and all served on fluffy, perfect handmade tortillas that I still remember vividly years later. You’ll have to order in Spanish, which should absolutely not be an issue for you, Burqueño.

Weekly Specials: Jose Falcon’s Restaurant In Boquillas Del Carmen, Mx Jose Falcon’s Restaurant In Boquillas Del Carmen, Mx

Okay, so I haven’t actually been to this place yet. It’s just on the other side of the Mexican border from Big Bend and features a patio overlooking the Rio Grande and enough Carta Blanca tables that you can feel like you’re truly in Mexico for the day. I’m looking forward to eating some quality Tex-Mex and drinking a Bohemia after a few days in the wilderness. Remember to bring your passport for this one, folks.
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