Weekly Specials: Burque Block Party

Burque Block Party

Dan Pennington
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Donald Trump Hates Millenials?!
(Lisa Fotios)
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Tickets for the Taste of Nob Hill event from Nob Hill Main Street are on sale. Described as “Albuquerque’s most vibrant, chic, and locally sourced neighborhood with a ‘Taste’ of its best restaurants,” it’ll be happening Saturday, May 4 with food, live music and beer. With tickets starting at $15, this is a fantastic way to get a well-rounded Nob Hill experience without breaking the bank. For more information on the event and to buy tickets, be sure to check out the Nob Hill Main Street Facebook page.

Weekly Specials: Donald Trump Hates Millenials?! Donald Trump Hates Millenials?!

Donald Trump Hates Millenials?! Lisa Fotios
In news that should shock literally no one, Donald Trump tweeted–before making any effort to actually think through his statement–that his next step in stopping immigration would be to close the border. As reported on by Reuters: “Nearly half of all imported US vegetables and 40 percent of imported fruit are grown in Mexico, according to the latest data from the United States Department of Agriculture.” What does this mean for you? Higher prices on said fruits and veggies in your store, and the death of the avocado toast industry. Current estimates by Steve Barnard, president and chief executive of Mission Produce, state that we’d have enough avocados to last us about three weeks. What follows after will most likely be remembered as “The Aguacalypse” as chips go undipped across the nation, and millenials struggle to find a brunch meal that’s both filling, decadent and Instagram-worthy. I hope you’re happy, Donald.

Weekly Specials: Definitely Play With Your Food Definitely Play With Your Food

Another 505 Food Fight is on, this time featuring chef Sean Staggs of Bien Shur vs. chef Stephen Ormsby of Savor. For $10, you get to be a part of the action and help support New Mexico Suicide Prevention with two amazing chefs going head to head in a competition to impress the judges for the evening. Tickets are at the door the night of, April 4, and the fun starts at 9pm at High Point Grill (9780 Coors Blvd NW). These events are always nerve-wracking and exciting, while also showcasing some of the coolest creations in the culinairy field here in New Mexico.

Weekly Specials: You Can Gose Your Own Way You Can Gose Your Own Way

Cantero Brewing Company (3351 Columbia Dr NE) is launching the first hemp-infused beer in New Mexico with their Hempowered Pineapple Gose. Brewed with real pineapple and infused with natural hemp seed, the supply is limited so if you’re looking to be one of the few who get to try it first, make sure you get there early. It’s launching officially on April 5, starting at 11am. While we haven’t gotten a preview sample to write anything about (wink-wink), they describe the flavor as “refreshingly salty, sweet and sour with notes of tropical fruit and citrus,” which sounds like exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for in a craft gose.
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