Weekly Specials: Education Happens In The Kitchen

Robin Babb
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It’s never too late to learn how to cook (or how to cook better), and there are a hundred reasons why you should. How are you going to impress that special someone? How will you feed yourself when the nuclear apocalypse happens and all the restaurants close? Thankfully there are cooking classes offered through UNM’s Continuing Education department year-round, so you’ll never have to wonder about the answer to these questions. These are all one-off classes, but there are some that last several weeks or a semester as well—just check ce.unm.edu to see the whole list of upcoming cooking classes. They’re always reasonably priced, and Here are a few upcoming classes we think you’ll love.

Weekly Specials: Cooking 101 Cooking 101

Thursday, Jan. 24


Tuition: $65

Love food but don’t know the difference between a chef’s knife and a paring knife? Totally cool, we’ve all got to start somewhere. And you should start at this one-day Cooking 101 class taught by the magical Jan Laird over at her little kitchen and cooking school, Jan’s on 4th. Here you’ll learn how to read a recipe and what ‘diced’ vs. ‘chopped’ means. In addition to the tuition, a $15 food fee will be collected at the start of class. You can register online at ce.unm.edu or by calling Jan at 505-350-0600.

Weekly Specials: Paleo Cooking Paleo Cooking

Friday, Jan. 25


Tuition: $65

Is life without carbs worth living? I have doubts. But if you’re interested in starting a paleo diet this year, a cooking class will make it tastier and much more sustainable. You’ll learn to make lots of meat-and-veggie meals high in protein and iron and all that other good stuff. Our girl Jan is teaching this one too, so you know the recipes will be tasty. There’s a $15 food fee collected at the start of the class. Same as above—register online through UNM or by calling Jan at 505-350-0600.

Weekly Specials: Indian Breakfast For Dinner Indian Breakfast For Dinner

Saturday, Jan. 26


Tuition: $65

You ever notice how Indian restaurants are never open for breakfast? What’s up with that? Indian breakfast is so damn tasty, but if you want to have it, Albuquerque, you’re going to have to make it yourself. Thank goodness Vasundhararani Kandachar is here to teach us how to do it. At this weekend class you’ll learn how to make savory upma with veggies, crunchy deep
fried medu vada, coconut chutney and sweetened semolina with banana or sajjige. Don’t know what any of those things are? Come find out. There’s a $15 food fee collected at the start of the class.
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