Weekly Specials: Farewell, Old Friend

Farewell, Old Friend

Dan Pennington
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As we go to press, we’ve learned the heartbreaking news that Winning Coffee announced that after 24 years, they will be officially closing on April 20. Many a college student and/or hipster lifestyle enthusiast has spent more than a few mornings inside this wonderful building, enjoying its relaxed and laid back vibe over a solid cup of coffee with some breakfast treat to accompany. I personally remember spending most of my college years mornings there tucked into the corner of a couch with my behemoth laptop, furiously working on “the best screenplay ever” (it wasn’t even close). I know I speak for many in the community when I say “Thank you” to Winning Coffee and their staff for two-and-a-half decades of memories. We’ll all miss our favorite hip coffee shop that refused to conform and offered us a haven and happy place right outside of campus. With only a couple days left, be sure to swing by and say your goodbyes to your favorite coffee, meals, staffers and chairs.

Weekly Specials: A Feast For The Senses A Feast For The Senses

Meow Wolf is hosting A Feast for the Senses, a full-sensory interactive dining experience at Meow Wolf on April 23. Featuring the lead chef and partner at Paloma, Nathan Mayes, and the magic of the Meow Wolf (1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe) experience, this is gonna be a strange and wild evening. “Your 5 senses—touch, sight, smell, sound, and of course, taste—will all come into play while you explore and dine in 20,000 sq. ft of interactive art,” the press release mentions. The event has sold out, but more information about this event and future ones can be found at meowwolf.com.

Weekly Specials: Find Egg, Get Beer Find Egg, Get Beer

On Saturday, April 20, expect to see people running around Downtown on an egg hunt. These are no ordinary eggs; in fact, these specially hidden eggs can be redeemed for prizes, namely beer and coffee! Participating breweries and coffee shop are Boese, The Brew, Sidetrack and Red Door, and the hunt begins at noon (start any earlier and we’ll call you a cheat!) You can start at any location you’d like, but you can only redeem three eggs per location, so don’t be an Easter killjoy and hoard eggs. It’s not what Jesus would have wanted to see on his first day back.

Weekly Specials: Animal Sex Tour And Dinner Animal Sex Tour And Dinner

No, you read that right. Like An Animal: The Grazing and Sex Tour is an adults-only tour and dinner that’s all about how animals get down real sexy-like. Happening April 27 at the ABQ Biopark, you can start wining and dining at 5:30pm for only $45, and enjoy tapas and a tour of animal mating habits with sex facts included. For example, did you know that a female hyena can have an 8-inch long clitoris? Male hyenas have no excuse for not finding it now. That fact is on the house, but there are sure to be a ton more facts to learn and see (you naughty voyeurs, you) that night. And, while not explicitly mentioned, we’d like to think they want you to keep your “doggy style” jokes to a minimum.
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