Weekly Specials: Follow-Ups, Freak-Outs And Flowers

Dan Pennington
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Like many weekly specials, this one shall be constructed with a mish-mash of leftover pieces. We’ve covered a ton of Valentine’s Day specials already in this issue, so I’ll toss one more in for good measure and give you all a little bit extra to chew on instead. Perhaps it was foolish of me to think the city would be less crazy as time inevitably marches on but maybe one day, things will settle down. Until then, we give you the local news you need to be on the move, so keep on it and keep that support in your favorite neighborhood places! Sure, we won’t kill Applebee’s completely, but every little bit helps.

Weekly Specials: Whiskey Away Pt. 2 Whiskey Away Pt. 2

Last week we talked about Taylor Garrett Whiskey, which launched this past weekend, using a new system to distill spirits in less than a week. While originally skeptical but intrigued, after attendance at the event, I am confident in saying that it’s an absolute success. Is it traditional? Absolutely not, but in terms of flavor and taste, you would never know it wasn’t traditionally aged. An initial strong hit of pepper on the first sip, it’s an aggresive start to the drink. But, after that beginining hit, it smoothes out dramatically and becomes a warm, sweeter and smoother drink than most other mid to top range whiskeys on the market. You can pick up a bottle officially now at VARA Wines for $53.

Weekly Specials: Cabanity Insanity Cabanity Insanity

If you thought a burger/sex worker-sting operation was about as wild as food news could get, hold onto your seats, things are just getting started. Local late-night favorite Taco Cabana on San Mateo and I-25 recently made the news when one of their drive-thru employees pointed a gun at customers. The 19-year-old employee was filmed on video by two individuals who were waiting on their food. Currently, there is no information on the motive of the employee, but thankfully, no one was hurt and the worker in question is in police custody, so don’t worry about going and getting your favorite plate at 11:30pm before heading home.

Weekly Specials: Feel It At Hyatt Feel It At Hyatt

The Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa announced their Valentine’s specials, if you’re looking for a last-minute getaway. Starting at 5pm, you can jump in on a 20-minute carriage ride at the resort’s Equestrian Circle, which takes you through the cottonwood forest nearby. There will be a Valentine’s inspired treatment through their spa, including a rose infusion service that exfoliates the skin. Top it all off with a prix fixe dinner at the Corn Maiden, with a menu that offers choices such as a sweet corn ravioli, lobster tail with chorizo risotto and a vanilla bean creme brulee. For more information, visit hyattregencytamaya.com
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