Weekly Specials: Happy Hour

Dan Pennington
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There Has To Be A Name For This
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Spoiler alert: The US Women’s National Team did it again, beating the rest of the world at soccer. Now that we’ve got New Mexico United here and everyone and their mother is a fan of soccer, the time to celebrate is now! We here at Weekly Alibi are declaring a week-long celebration of this victory! You can’t take a whole week off to celebrate? Really? Okay, fine, how about an hour a day? Perfect! Sixty minutes of celebration and joy. I feel like there’s another phrase for that. If only someone had a concept for a solid hour of happiness made for relaxing, particularly in restaurants and bars. What a wonderful world that would be. Maybe someday someone will come up with a cool concept like that, but until then, here are our top three places to get a discount, between 4 and 6 pm unless otherwise stated.

Weekly Specials: A Season To Celebrate A Season To Celebrate

Seasons Rotisserie & Grill (2031 Mountain Rd. NW) runs a tight ship. With a recent renovation in place, they’re ripe and ready for a new wave of customers to come through. Featuring specials Monday through Friday from 4 to 6:30pm and again from 9 to 10pm, they manage to find a little bit of something for everyone. With appetizers floating around the $6 to $9 range, a pitcher of sangria for $19 (yes, one whole entire pitcher) and a hibiscus margarita for $5.50, you can truly dig in on fine dining without busting the bank. From shrimp and pork ribs to bruschetta and cauliflower bites, the gambit of available snacks is as diverse as you could ask for.

Weekly Specials: Distill My Heart Distill My Heart

Safehouse Distilling Co. (616 Gold Ave. SW) is a relatively new addition to the neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t killing it. Monday through Friday from 4 to 6pm, you can get $2 off any of their cocktails. Some featured drinks include Dillinger’s Pride, named after the prideful John Dillinger and featuring Teller Vodka, lemon and honey with a candied ginger garnish. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, what about the Ghosted Cassidy, named after the vanishing Butch Cassidy and made with Teller Vodka, mint vanilla simple syrup, white chocolate and half-and-half. They all sound perfect for celebrating with if you ask me.

Weekly Specials: Hey Little Sister Who’s The One You Want? Hey Little Sister Who’s The One You Want?

Sister Bar (407 Central Ave. NW) has long been the go-to club Downtown for all your celebratory needs. With amazing food, a mind-boggling drink selection, arcade games and pinball galore plus live music, you have a formula for success. Even better, 7 days a week from 5 to 6pm their entire selection of fries and tots are 50 percent off, meaning you can dig in for cheap. With such a huge selection, you don’t have much of a choice but to get in and try it.
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