Weekly Specials: Marg Madness

Marg Madness

Dan Pennington
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What day isn’t made better by margaritas? The joy of tequila turning your normal routine into one of semi-controlled chaos is a joy that is hard to match. Everyone has a singular legendary story that starts with tequila in some capacity, and if you don’t, I would argue that you’re missing out and need to rectify that. Time is running out before Lent, so your debauchery needs to get in and moving as soon as possible. Perhaps we can entice you with the National Margarita Day celebration taking place at El Patron (10551 Montgomery Blvd. NE) on Saturday, Feb. 22 starting at 4:30pm. With drink specials, live music and the opportunity to kick off your Saturday night in the right direction, El Patron and their award-winning margaritas are the best way to celebrate what is arguably the best and most dangerous national holiday.

Weekly Specials: The Fattest Of Tuesdays The Fattest Of Tuesdays

Speaking of Lent and debauchery, Fat Tuesday is fast approaching, and you need to have a plan in place. May we suggest Vernon’s Speakeasy (6855 Fourth Street NW) which will be holding a Fat Tuesday Dinner on Tuesday (duh), Feb. 25 from 6:30pm-9:30pm? Everyone’s favorite high-end dining experience is kicking it up a notch to ensure your Fat Tuesday is as good as it can be. You’ll be celebrating it like one of the big dogs, hidden away in their secret restaurant. Tickets are $100 per person, granting you access to the extensive menu of speciality Mardi Gras foods made for the occasion, along with a selection of drinks from their expert mixologist. If you’re interested in being a part of this celebration, give them a call at 341-0831 to make a reservation.

Weekly Specials: Guest Chef In The House Guest Chef In The House

P’tit Louis Bistro (3218 Silver Ave. SE) will be hosting a guest chef night with Kayla Vallejos on Tuesday, Feb. 25 from 6pm to 8pm. Vallejos has earned a top spot as executive chef with Tractor Brewing Company, helping launch their new restaurant in Los Lunas this past November. Specializing in high-quality and using the best local ingredients, her menu has been the highlight of the new location. With a knack for creativity and French cuisines as a speciality, Vallejos’ menu will offer enough elegance, decadence and quality to impress even the most staunch of anti-French eaters. If you want to reserve a spot (as space is limited) feel free to reach out to P’tit Louis Bistro by calling them at (505) 314-1110 or emailing info@ptitlouisbistro.com.
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