Weekly Specials: New Year, Existential Me?

Dan Pennington
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“New Year, new me!” seemingly every #basicb on Instagram will be posting next week. Maybe that’s true. Who are we if not continually changing and evolving creatures, our cells shifting and re-growing on a perpetual basis? Is the “me” of one minute ago the same “me” in this current moment? Physically and mentally, we are constantly exposed to change, as uncomfortable as it may be. We look to the new year to change ourselves, as if a specific date in the never-ending march of time can be the ignition to a fire that burns away the bad, leaving only the good. These are the questions, the theories and the ideas I leave you to ponder whilst hunting out new events and planning out your week ahead. Be the new you! If you aren’t already, that is.

Weekly Specials: Ketogenic, Not Generic Ketogenic, Not Generic

The new year means you’re digging out all your past weight loss goals, giving it another shot this year. Maybe that diet is keto, the buzzword of 2019. Yes, it may be the only diet that requires you to eat bacon, but it comes at the cost of drinking beer or having any sweets. Unless, of course, you attend Q’s Cakes and Sweets Boutique (2720 Central Ave. SE Ste. D) Keto Desserts 101 Class on Sunday, Jan. 5. Starting at noon, this $45 class will provide you with not only recipes and knowledge, but also your very own handmade keto-compliant dessert to try. It’s a great way to start your new year by treating yourself to the best part of eating in a way that is compatible with your diet, so to reserve your spot or learn more, visit qcakes.com.

Weekly Specials: Binging On Beets Binging On Beets

Maybe you’re taking your diet in the other direction, one of plant-based health and concern. The documentaries have swayed you to the side of veganism, and you’re excited to live a life of guilt-free eating. We’ve got some good news for you! Vulture Food and Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. (608 McKnight Ave. NW) will be holding their Plant Based Junk Food event on Saturday, Jan. 4, from noon to 6pm. All the way from the mystical lands of Los Angeles, home of the incredibly healthy, they’ll be bringing their special pop-up shop with a variety of Vegan Crispy Chik’n Sandwiches, Loaded Fries and a very special menu item to be revealed the day of! For more information, call 247-9800 and ask about the pop-up!

Weekly Specials: Sweet Treats, Good Eats Sweet Treats, Good Eats

Maybe you said, “To hell with the diet! This is the year I just do me, and me feels like eating sweets all the time!” First off, good on you for making my childhood dream your reality. Secondly, may I recommend the Mochi Making New Years Celebration taking place at Japanese Kitchen Sushi Bar (6511 Americas Pkwy. NE) on Saturday, Jan. 4? From noon to 2:30pm, you’ll be part of the sweet elite, learning the traditional art of making mochi, in an event that will feature live mochi making, free samples of fresh-made mochi and Japanese Taiko drumming demonstrations from NM Taiko! Best of all, this is a free event, so all you have to do is show up, and you’re in the middle of the action! For more information, call 872-1166 to ask about the event!
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