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Dan Pennington
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Now that we’re well enough into June that we can (sort of) trust the weather to stay nice, now is a fantastic time to get some of that sunshine you’ve been avoiding. We’re only a month away from the start of monsoon season, wherein you’ll be flooded off any outdoor seating by the unholy torrent of rain that occupies the city for the month, so this is a limited time opportunity to get in on the fun before it’s too hot and too wet. Here are some of our favorite patios to sit and enjoy this great weather on.

Weekly Specials: Gecko’s Got It Gecko’s Got It

GeckoÕs Got It The magic of this patio is not to be understated. Dan Pennington
There are a ton of reasons why Gecko’s Bar & Tapas (3500 Central Ave. SE) is packed, but their patio might be the biggest reason yet. There hasn’t been a time when I’ve stepped onto the patio and not seen someone I know celebrating in some capacity on the patio. Featuring some of the best rotating happy hours in the city, a sizable menu with some very impressive food and a wonderful staff, Gecko’s is easily one of the go-to places in Nob Hill to ensure you’re going to have a great time. Not to mention there’s almost always a dog to say hi to on the patio, which helps give that extra boost to the love you feel outside.

Weekly Specials: Kelly’s Has Got Space Kelly’s Has Got Space

Arguably the largest patio in Nob Hill, Kelly’s Brew Pub (3222 Central Ave. SE) is the hub of activity on the weekends. It seems impossible not to drive by their location without seeing what looks like a big party happening outside, to the point that you often forget they even have an interior. Featuring an immense number of beers, a huge menu (including one of those famous Burger Week burgers) and a nice view of Central, there’s really no reason not to hang out on this patio and enjoy the city and sun.

Weekly Specials: Don’t Be Wary Of Apothecary Don’t Be Wary Of Apothecary

Apothecary Lounge (806 Central Ave. SE) isn’t so much a patio, seeing as it’s a rooftop bar, but the idea is still the same. Getting out with friends to catch up over drinks and snacks is much better with a little fresh air and sunlight. Though, in the case of Apothecary, moonlight might be the better suggestion, seeing as they have one of the most unique high-up views of the city later at night. With some creative cocktails, a very inspired modern look and one of the most romantic settings for a date, you’ve got one of Albuquerque’s coolest venues to sit and enjoy the summer weather.
GeckoÕs Got It

The magic of this patio is not to be understated.

Dan Pennington

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