Weekly Specials: Thanks For Giving

Dan Pennington
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(Senior Airman Austin Harvill)
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This is the biggest week for eating out of the entire year, no doubt about it. Obviously, you probably have plans, which is understandable and totally fair. I don’t want to impede or impose myself into your life, and if you hate this, I totally understand and will go off and quit bothering you, but would you be interested in some, other events? Y’know, stuff happening that isn’t a big family dinner with a roasted turkey and potatoes that your aunt still managed to mess up for the third decade in a row? Oh, you do?! Thank goodness, cause I found some. Here! Enjoy!

Weekly Specials: No Reindeer Burgers That Day No Reindeer Burgers That Day

Fuddruckers (4855 Pan American Fwy.) is doing Breakfast with Santa, a ticketed buffet event on Saturday, Nov. 30, starting at 8am and leaving me with a lot of questions. First, I didn’t know that Fuddruckers, burger city of the USA, had buffet capabilities. Secondly, breakfast? I feel like we keep slipping further away from the reason I would normally enter and eat at Fuddruckers. Will there be breakfast burgers? Third, are we eating with Santa? Does he awkwardly join the table? Do we sit on his lap while chewing on a handful of bacon? The deeper I dig, the more questions I find. The only true way to get the answers to these questions, and I’m sure, more, would be to attend the event itself. Kids eat for $6, adults for $10, and Santa himself will probably eat for free, but I imagine they worked that out early on. For more information, call Fuddruckers at 344-7449.

Weekly Specials: Veg Out Veg Out

I avoided mentioning any places being open and serving dinner on Thanksgiving for a few reasons. One, there are a ton of them that you should have no trouble finding, and, two, I sympathize with people who are working that day instead of getting to be with their families and friends. That being said, the Thanksgiving Potluck & Hike hosted by Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico and Meditation in Rio Rancho fits the bill in a different way. It’s a collective gathering of people sharing a vegetarian meal that everyone contributes to, followed by a group hike. It’s free to attend, taking place on Thursday, Nov. 28, starting at noon at the Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico (142 Monroe St. NE). For those looking to avoid doing a large scale dinner on their own, or looking for a vegetarian themed offering, this sounds like a perfect fit and a way to meet new people and have a pleasant day. For more information, don’t hesitate to call 292-5293.
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