Weekly Specials: Transitions In Life

Dan Pennington
4 min read
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I learned something this past weekend. I finally moved to my new place, and while more space and better lighting is always appreciated, I had functionally been without a kitchen for the last year. Naturally, it was the first thing I got set up and running in the new place. What I didn’t realize was that I forgot everything I knew about cooking. Even my attempts at simple meals have produced only middling results. The saying “Use it or lose it” has never been more true than me burning the ever-loving hell out of my bacon. What I’m trying to say is, appreciate the joy of your kitchen. Spend the time in it that it deserves. If that’s not an option for you, then maybe check out one of these events instead, leaving your kitchen to its own devices.

Weekly Specials: The Post-Harvest Rest The Post-Harvest Rest

The Albuquerque Harvest Wine Festival will be happening at Balloon Fiesta Park from Saturday, Aug. 31 through Monday, Sept. 2 from noon to 6pm. Tickets are $20 and worth every penny. Why is that? The tagline on the Facebook event page says it all: 2000 Bottles. 20 Wineries. 2 Dueling Pianos. With the dog days of summer coming to an end, what better way to welcome fall than with an afternoon with wine and friends? Add on to that the magical stylings of two pianos metaphorically battling it out with some of your favorite tunes throughout the ages, and you’ve got the hot girl summer send-off you’ve been waiting for.

Weekly Specials: Tempranillo? I Hardly Knew Her Tempranillo? I Hardly Knew Her

Tempranillo wines are characterized by cherry, plum, tomato and dried fig flavors, with a musky tone of leather, tobacco and vanilla. With a slight earthy undertone to it, it’s a great wine all around. While our state has some phenomenal tempranillos of its own, how does the rest of the world compare? Find out at Slate Street Cafe (515 Slate Ave. NW), which will be hosting a Tempranillo Wine Tasting. For the meager price of $20, you’ll be given three tastes of different tempranillos and the stories and profiles behind them with a light food pairing. With no reservations required, you can sit down and enjoy a relaxing evening with friends from 5pm to 7:30pm on Thursday Aug. 29. For more information on the event, contact Slate Street Cafe by phone at 243-2210, or visit their Facebook to check out the event page.

Weekly Specials: Whiskey Off My Feet Whiskey Off My Feet

You might be wondering what these events and the loss of my cooking ability from disuse have in common. When one falls from grace such as I, there’s an emotional toll taken with it. So I resort to drinking to deal with my feelings. Wine is the natural go to, but whiskey shall forever and always hold my heart. Which is why the $80 Whiskey Dinner at Two Fools Tavern (3211 Central Ave. NE), happening Tuesday, Sept. 3 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, will be the true victor of my attention. A five-course meal with five selected pairings of whiskey, this is the true solution to most of life’s problems. Phenomenal food, dark liquor and a traditional Irish-styled pub. RSVPs are recommended, as this event will sell out, arguably with me buying 4 tickets for myself to stock my fridge for the next few weeks while I reteach myself the essentials of the kitchen. For more information, call Two Fools Tavern at 265-7447.
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