Weekly Specials: Where Am I?

Dan Pennington
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As is the duty of the food editor here at Weekly Alibi, when Best of Burque Restaurants hits the stands, it is the sum of all my writing skills working in tandem to push out 9 pages of original content about all of our lovely restaurants. People with good time management skills would probably find this a lovely and easy task. People like me might struggle and be forced into the creative corner with some all-nighters. I might not be completely aware of where I am in this moment, or what I was doing. Once the sleep catches back up with me, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Until then, here are the events I found while surfing the web at 4am in the morning.

Weekly Specials Balloons And Bubbly

Gruet Winery (8400 Pan American Fwy. NE #1832) is hosting a Balloon Fiesta Viewing Party & Breakfast event on Saturday, Oct. 12, from 7am until 10am, allowing you to sit and drink in the cool fall air with a great view of the balloons. The listing says breakfast will be served, with “an omelet station, croissants, freshly baked muffins, seasonal fruit, applewood-smoked bacon, potatoes, hot cocoa, coffee and mimosas!” If you feel like this is all you’ve needed in your life and more, you can swing over to their website at gruetwinery.com and look under their “events” section to get more information on tickets. Is there truly a better way to spend your Saturday morning than with pastries, drinking and a view of the coolest event on the planet? We think not.

Weekly Specials The Phanteam Of The Opera

In sleep he would sing to me, and in dreams he would come, you know, the voice that called to me, and spoke my name, except I had a bunch of tea and now I’m wide awake. I look forward to dreaming again, once all this caffeine wears off, but until then, I look forward to Music of the Night: Tribute to Phantom of the Opera at the St. James Tearoom (320 Osuna Rd. NE Ste. D), happening during the month of October. With a theme and a menu set and in place, you too can experience the thrill of The Phantom of the Opera all while sipping a nice cuppa. For more information on available dates and times to book a reservation, you can visit stjamestearoom.com and click the big “Reservations” button at the top right of the page. Now, sing for me!
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