What Do I Eat With That?

A Few Of Our Favorite Gruet Wines And What To Eat With Them

Robin Babb
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Gruet Grand Blanc de Noirs
(Robin Babb)
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The Grand Blanc de Noirs has some pretty bold, earthy flavors, so don’t pair it with light fish like you might with other whites. I’d drink this alongside a plate of soft cheese with fruit, some carnitas tacos or even a not-too-heavy, fruit-forward dessert like apple pie or baked pears.

What Do I Eat With That? Sauvage Rosé

Robin Babb
Everybody loves rosé because it goes both ways, which is a sentence I already regret writing. Pair this crisp wine with pizza or a creamy pasta—its slight acidity will cut the fat refreshingly. “Ooh, I love the Sauvage with some pork ribs, honestly,” says Matt, who is definitely invited to my summer barbeque.

What Do I Eat With That? Extended Tirage Rosé

Robin Babb
Again, it would be hard to go wrong with rosé and pizza—I’m thinking a Margherita pie with a really crisp crust and perfect summer tomatoes. Most baked goods will go well with the added yeast flavors in this mellow wine, as would pasta. Oooh, or avocado toast on a really thick slice of brioche, with some farmer’s cheese and pickled red onions. Who else is hungry now?

The art of pairing food with wine/beer/whatever you're drinking is a highly subjective one, based on whether Mercury is in retrograde, which way the wind is blowing and what model your first car was. With that in mind, here's our suggestion on what you should eat with what you're drinking.

Robin Babb

Robin Babb

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