Absolut House Six-Year Anniversary Featuring Franck Roger

With Dj Eldon

Marisa Demarco
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Let’s be Franck.
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Thursday, June 22, Martini Grille (21-and-over); $5: His United States tour stops include Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Dallas—and Albuquerque.

And that’s it.

Franck Roger, one of the biggest DJs in Europe right now, is swinging through the 505 to play a little “house” party. DJ Eldon and DJ Justin Roberts, known as the Architects of Rhythm, are celebrating six years of house music at the Martini Grille’s Absolut Thursdays night. They’ve been bringing renowned DJs through Burque for years, even before they had a regular spot at the Martini, establishing a solid reputation for electronic music in New Mexico.

“These guys play for a fraction of what they get paid in Europe and bigger cities just so they can come experience this,” Eldon says.

Six years ago, Thursdays were the slowest nights at the Martini Grille. Eldon saw an opportunity and jumped on it. He brought in DJ Miles Maeda from Chicago and packed the place. With a steady stream of big-name headliners, Eldon has turned Thursday into one of the Grille’s biggest nights, drawing audience members of all ages and lifestyles.

“There’s not really a venue for house in Albuquerque,” Eldon says. “Most of the clubs are playing a bit more commercial stuff. This is still a pretty underground scene.”
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