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A Romantic Interview With Nashville Pussy

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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For a decade, Nashville Pussy, with their short, catchy songs, heavy and plentiful guitars and clever lyrics, has been rocking trailers in tri-state areas all over the country. I spoke with 50 percent of the band last week (husband-and-wife team, guitarist and vocalist Blaine Cartwright and lead guitarist Ruyter Suys). The sexier of the two (Ruyter) answered these questions.

I read that you guys came to have the titillating Nashville Pussy title from a Ted Nugent song.

Yeah, the reference comes right from Double Live Gonzo. He’s got a song called “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang,” and he says, “this here’s a little love song that goes with all that Nashville pussy.” The song was recorded live in Nashville, so I think he was probably dedicating it to the night before. It was one of those songs that when I was a kid, when your parents weren’t home you play it just to hear someone say “pussy.” But only about maybe one percent of the people that hear it know what we’re talking about, and otherwise it’s just the coolest name for a band in the world.

Have you ever been contacted by the city of Nashville about it?

No, but we lived there for years, so we had the inside track on the many meanings of Nashville Pussy, to say the least.

How did you guys come to form this band?

We were living in Nashville at the time, and the music was so fucking boring. There’s lots of really cool country music and other types of music, but basically there was no rock bands at the time. We were living in a rock 'n’ roll vacuum, were desperate for music, so finally we decided that nobody else was going to do it and we had to make our own entertainment. We started Nashville Pussy out of boredom. We went and saw as much music as we possibly could, but there was absolutely no exciting hard rock and definitely no chicks playing guitar anywhere.

What was it like being nominated for a Grammy?

It was kind of like going to your parent’s wedding party or something, it was kind of uptight; it was not nearly as entertaining as we thought it was going to be. And we were the only people there that actually dressed like we were in a band; it was really strange.


How to set the mood for trailer lovemaking, according to Blaine Cartwright.

I’m married to my guitar player, and I’m one of those lucky guys who doesn’t have to set the mood: We both get pretty much equal urges. But if I really tried, I’d put on Al Green or something like that, some cool R&B or soul music, James Brown, something kind of funky. And alcohol always helps. Anything that works! Every girl’s different, man. I dated a girl one time who totally set the mood, lighting incense and stuff like that, and it just wasn’t for me. Flowers, I’m late learning, that no matter who it's for, are good. The basics. Don’t be afraid to spend some money, but a few nice words and flowers go pretty far.

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