Americana Pie: A Bar Chart Of Bars And Pie Chart Of Music Genres Detail Albuquerque’s After Hours Demographics

Entertainment Genre Demographics

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Americana Pie
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On average, what kind of nightlife do Albuquerque, Santa Fe and surrounding areas have to offer? Based on a sample taken from this week’s Music Calendar, a lot of DJs. People playing prerecorded music of various forms, formats and qualities is nearly twice as common as the next highest ranking genre—jazz. Rock, Americana (which includes folk, singer-songwriter, and bluegrass) and karaoke rounded out the top five. For proportional illustration, view the makeup of the Alibi’s Music Calendar in this appetizing pie chart.

Bar Bar Chart

Here’s an approximate run down of drinking establishments within the Albuquerque city limits, by neighborhood.

Spirit Guide

In addition to our club calendar here in newsprint and at, readers can access detailed information on whistle-wetting by using the Spirit Guide, available at Liquor establishments are searchable by city, neighborhood, live music or keyword. Get the mobile version by visiting on your smart phone. The Spirit Guide knows all.
Americana Pie

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