Aural Fixation: Can You Say Supa Group?!

The Struggle Is Real

August March
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Can You Say Supa Group?!
Filthy Mou$e Trap (Eric Williams Photography)
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The local, dark, emo-grimestep trap scene is about to heat up, way up, yo. Filthy Mou$e Trap is the brainchild of five up-and-coming local EDM provocateurs whose combined previous projects include stints repairing crucial circuitry at our local nuclear storage facility, designing characters for video games about shooting stuff and researching the long-term effects of Vicks Vaporub on the human respiratory system.

Call them morbid, call them pale, but these kids rock and they’re ready to show off for Albuquerque audiences eager for fresh sounds and awesome effects. Taking a cue from others in their generation, the members of Filthy Mou$e Trap seek to engage their culture with meaningful musical moments they can post on Instagram.

They thought it would be, like, totally cool to hang out while drinking mojitos and binge-watching “Twin Peaks.” The idea to form a band came about during the pause the gang took after Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed. “Leland was so icky,” admitted emcee and vocalist Mi$$ Ad-Venture. The sad realizations about Leland’s secret life and possession by the evil trans-dimensional entity known as Bob was an impetus though for the quintet to start thinking of other things they could do to while away the time, besides watching teevee and coming up with cool situationist memes to post to their various social media accounts.

“We got an idea that we could take all the sound equipment and computers we had around here and use them to make music. The struggle was real for all of us, but now we’re on fleek,” observed DJ Glowstick, the outfit’s outrageous turntableist.

“The result was hundo p,” laughed the band’s flowmaster, Cap’n Creepy. “We’re stoked about the glitchy, dirty breaks, sick bass and snobby sampling. Plus which, our flow is about the saddest shit in the universe,” interjected Roadie, the roadie for the bunch.

Bassist BBank$ said he feels like the work of Filthy Mou$e Trap is fairly relevant, concluding, “This stuff is perf! We’re, like, totally ready to conquer the scene with this schizz. Our moms told us we could be anything we wanted … and guess what, we are!”

Filthy Mou$etrap begin their ascendance with a performance at Isleta Amphitheater (5601 University SE) on Thursday, April 1, at 3:17am, opening for Burque legends and mega-superstars, Rage Against Martin Sheen.
Filthy Mou$e Trap

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