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Easter Concert A Benefit

Geoffrey Plant
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Going for Golec
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This Sunday, April 16, at Sister (407 Central NW) freaks and norms, one and all, are welcomed to the First Annual Psychedelic Easter. The show was originally organized by and now benefits local rock and roll musician Daniel Golec. Golec was hospitalized March 8 after being involved in a collision with a car while riding his bicycle.

What had been a typical day of biking—attending to the general business of his band the
Holy Glories and networking with people on projects like a possible brewpub to house his burgeoning skills as a beer maker—ended most unexpectedly. Golec was struck by a car just yards from what was probably his final destination of the day. He sustained multiple injuries including skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury that left him unconscious, even as this goes to print.

For someone as vital and energetic as Daniel Golec, the notion that he may not fully recover his former aptitude and personality is a tragedy beyond description. No one can say whether or when he will regain consciousness. The range of outcomes from traumatic brain injury is unpredictable. The proceeds of Sunday’s show will provide for the long recovery options that lay ahead.

Golec became a musician about five years ago after someone in the now-defunct psych-garage-pop group CanyonLands noticed his attendance at band practices was better than any of the actual band members, suggesting he officially join the band as their synth player. As longtime friend Luke Murphy puts it, Golec was having too much fun playing in a band, so when CanyonLands broke up he and (CanyonLands drummer) Mark Campagna talked Luke (Terri Shiavo Dance Party) into playing drums in a new band. "Campagna moved to guitars and vocals where he wanted to be, Bon Baca played bass and Golec kept playing synth.”

Campagna, who has been in more Albuquerque bands than even he can list, calls the drum heavy “death garage” Glories his near favorite project so far, partly because of the quality of the music but also because of Golec’s joyful presence, whom he and Luke both point to as the driving force behind the band. While the songwriting is a collaborative effort involving the synth player, Golec has also been instrumental in promoting the band and setting up gigs as the band’s informal manager.

Thanks to Golec, the Holy Glories were getting deserved attention outside Burque. But the Glories had to cancel three shows set up by Golec in Austin during the SXSW festival, a mere two weeks after his hospitalization. The shows took place in the underground NON-SXSW scene that happens every year in Austin during the now-massive and industry-catered event and included a high profile slot at the 5th Annual Psychedelic Pig Roast which included psych scene heavies like Yonatan Gat and Greenbeard.

A full length Glories album that was to be ready for their shows in Austin has also been put on hold for now. Without Golec, the band says, there is no Holy Glories.

Friends and strangers, bicyclists and rockers are invited to gather on Easter Sunday at 8pm at Sister to combine psychic forces and send some Positive Mental Attitude in his direction. The cover is low; donate at least five dollars to help with the continuing cost of his medical care. On the bill are the droney
Mirror Travel from Taos, dreamy locals Adult Beverage and the damn loud Sun Dog.

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