Aural Fixation: Higher Learning Playlist

A Mix Of Songs With Academic Themes

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Higher Learning
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Autumn is nigh, and with the turning season come books and classrooms and new ideas and pocket protectors. Much music on the topic of school has to do with the rebellion against it, lust, alienation or nostalgia. Below is a seasonal mix—most of the rock and roll or punk persuasion (sorry, no Van Halen)—to put you in the mood for education, be your participation willing or begrudging.

Aural Fixation

1) "Barbara" • The Modernettes • “Teen City”

An underappreciated 1980 punk classic about a high school crush from Vancouver trio The Modernettes—this song comes with a fun video.

Aural Fixation

2) "Don’t Ever Change" • Bare Wires • “Don’t Ever Change / Ready to Go" 7-inch

Another song about high school lust from another trio—active Oakland garage band Bare Wires. This track comes with a fun video, too.

Aural Fixation

3) "High School Confidential" • Jerry Lee Lewis • The Definitive Collection

Jerry Lee Lewis knows a thing or two about high schoolers and rebellion.

Aural Fixation

4) "Rock ‘n’ Roll High School" • Ramones • End of the Century

The theme song from Roger Corman’s eponymous 1979 feature film starring America’s greatest punk band and its blasé attitude toward scholastics.

Aural Fixation

5) "Be True to Your School" • The Beach Boys • “Be True to Your School / In My Room” 7-inch

Ernest school spirit at its sonic creepiest.

Aural Fixation

6) "Language School" • The Tours • "Language School / Foreign Girls" 7-inch

Worldly, obscure British proto-punk.

Aural Fixation

7) "Schooldays" • The Kinks • Schoolboys in Disgrace

Nostalgic balladry from Ray and Dave Davies.

Aural Fixation

8) "Thirteen" • Big Star • #1 Record

Nostalgic balladry from Memphis power pop giant Alex Chilton.

Aural Fixation

9) "One More Year to Go" • Janis Martin • Love and Kisses

The “female Elvis” is lovelorn because her high school boyfriend is graduating.

Aural Fixation

10) “The Art Teacher" • Rufus Wainwright • “Waiting for a Want"

A bittersweet, piano-based ballad about unrequited love

Aural Fixation

11) "The Headmaster Ritual" • The Smiths • Meat Is Murder

“Belligerent ghouls run Manchester schools … .” Oh, Morrissey.

Aural Fixation

12) "Mission Irresistible" • The Rondelles • Fiction Romance Fast Machines

Albuquerque indie pop about a high school crush—made by a band that started in high school.

Aural Fixation

13) "Cool Senior High School (Fight Song)" • The Nation of Ulysses • 13-Point Program to Destroy America

A disjointed anthem from the D.C. noise punk outfit, led by the prolific Ian Svenonius.

Aural Fixation

14) “Chemistry" • Jawbreaker • Dear You

Public education alienation (”This school’s a living hell / I work and don’t get paid / I smoke a lot but can’t get laid”) from beloved proto-emo band Jawbreaker.

Aural Fixation

15) “High School” • MC5 • Back in the USA

One of the coolest bands of the ’60s/’70s warns us against high school kids.

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