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Group Sound Therapy

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The average range of human hearing is from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Bass frequencies are situated at 20 to 140 Hz, but below 60 Hz, sound is experienced viscerally, as a vibration. On stereo equipment, the bass space is 60 to 90 Hz. The low-end of the sonic spectrum is anecdotally associated with enhanced healing. I’m a fan of the low-end, and it may not heal you, but Bass Therapy at Sister (407 Central NW) on Saturday, Jan. 18, just might set you right. DJs Dave 12, LazySuze and Halcyon spin resonant frequencies, and Chris Clavio VJs and mans video mapping. Starting at 9pm, feel the bass at this 21-plus fête. Tickets are five bucks.

Four Up Paint Downtown Rouge

Sherry Rubber modeling Vampire’s Kiss haircolor Manic Panic
Here’s a bit of marketing trivia for goth-leaning New Mexicans: Sherry Rubber, of “hexabilly” punk trio Texylvania, is the spokesmodel for Manic Panic’s carmine haircolor hue Vampire’s Kiss—a cross between their vermilion shade, Vampire Red and Rock ‘N’ Roll Red, a classic lipstick red. With partner Patrik FK, both of El Lay deathrock fame, and bassist Brian Keith (Dirty Novels, SEEiNG THiNGS), Rubber and Texylvania celebrate Keith’s birthday alongside Elevator Boys and Get Action, and DJ Cassyle (former Alibi music editor and Keith’s wife) and DJ MeowMix soundtrack with wax. Rock scarlet at this soirée, happening at Burt’s Tiki Lounge (313 Gold SW) on Saturday, Jan. 18, starting at 9pm. This party is 21-plus, and admission is free.

Four Up Comfort Food Delivery

From left, Äkword Actwrite and Soy the Organic Hispanic aka Soul Soup Courtesy of artist
Soul Soup is the convergence of local rapper Äkword Actwrite and Taoseño Soy the Organic Hispanic. The duo release Comfort Food on Saturday, Jan. 18, at ArtBar by Catalyst Club (119 Gold SW). Local hip-hop fivesome Zoology, duo 2bers and DJ Shakedown also perform. 2bers is overproduced for my taste. On the other hand, Zoology is pretty much music to anyone’s ears. The quintet consists of Flux451 (MC), Dahhm Life (MC, drums), DJ Audiyo (MPCist), Wake Self (MC) and Spliff Roland (bass). In 2011 editorial alum Summer Olsson praised their debut in a subhead: “Zoology crushes it with debut album.” Having sampled Krush Love, I agree. Check your virtual Rolodex for ArtBar members, and get there at 9pm.

Four Up Father-Son Free Jazz

From left, Jack and Ben Wright Courtesy of artist
Jack and Ben Wright weren’t always on a similar journey, but for the past two decades, the mens’ paths have intersected. At 71 years old, elder Jack continues to inhabit the stateside and European free jazz realm, as he has since the late ’80s. While father and son always shared a love of music, Ben cut his performative teeth in Philadelphia’s punk scene. Now 45 years old, Ben calls Taos home, and he continues to partner with the upright bass … and his father. Experience the duo live at The Tannex (1417 Fourth Street SW) on Tuesday, Jan. 21. This free jazz-improv recital also stars Mark Weaver/Mike Balistreri Duo, and it begins—no, really—at 7:30pm. The Wrights tour in support of a forthcoming Relative Pitch release. Invite your fam to this all-ages gig. Suggested donation is $10.

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Sherry Rubber modeling Vampire’s Kiss haircolor

Manic Panic

From left, Äkword Actwrite and Soy the Organic Hispanic aka Soul Soup

Courtesy of artist

From left, Jack and Ben Wright

Courtesy of artist

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