Black Tie Dynasty

Strangeways, Here We Come

Jim Phillips
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Black Tie Dynasty
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The first time I saw Black Tie Dynasty was at a little club on the crusty edge of downtown Dallas called The Double-Wide. A little after midnight, the band shoved their way onto the stage as I waited, sipping a drink in the back of the darkened, bunker-like room. Eventually things settled and their set began.

From the start I had a shuddering suspicion I was feeling something I’d felt before. Near the end of the second song, I placed it. It felt like the reveling I’d done, years ago, in the newness and genius glow of bands like The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

But make no mistake, Black Tie Dynasty do not make lame references to or rehash music from our past. They don’t ape genres or imitate styles. Instead, they channel a sound that has been fermenting for years in the minds of the musically aware, like good whiskey in an oak barrel. Filtered through the terrific noise of that first night, I began to realize what was going on: This band was going places. They may very well be The Next Big Thing.

Since signing with Idol Records in 2005, Black Tie Dynasty have done nothing but climb upward, hand over hand, toward musical success. With nationwide radio airplay and a seemingly endless touring schedule, they are a band that is graciously living in their prime. By that I mean Black Tie Dynasty knows what it takes to make it. They possess the valuable skill of making not only the performance aspect of great music seem effortless, but the day-to-day business aspects as well. Like a rare athlete, there is some part of them, at their core, that’s not even trying—because trying would imply they’re not doing exactly what they were built to do. And that subject just isn’t open for debate.

This Wednesday, you’ll have the chance to witness the good-natured and flawless performance of Fort Worth’s favorite (and slightly prodigal) sons. I have yet to miss a BTD appearance in Albuquerque. And if you have, then it’s high time you got caught up.

Black Tie Dynasty play Wednesday, June 20, at Atomic Cantina. The Dirty Novels open. Free, 21+.

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