Blissful Destruction Tour Kick Off

More Fun Than A Mouthful Of Mono

Jenny Gamble
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Blissful Destruction
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Blissful Destruction is a mixture of piss, vinegar, scotch and soul—and a whole lot of enthusiasm for their local music scene. With that much going on, they figured it was time to spread some of the love and plan their first tour out of the state.

“Booking this tour sort of started out as a joke," says Eric Louton, lead singer and guitar player for the band. "Then we realized after talking to other bands it wasn’t as hard as it seemed and we decided just to do it.” This three-piece, politically minded rock band is headed to East Texas and Arizona.

With songs that span from dour meditations ("Fallen Angel") to shifting postpunk ("Confessions"), the band embraces a wide spectrum of genres. That diversity is the result of the band’s collective work at every stage of the music’s evolution, including shared songwriting. “Our lyrics are inspired by everything,” says Louton. “I like to think we aren’t really trying to be political, but there is a certain something to be said about freedom of speech in music. It may not be what the government and religion and the P.T.A. want you to hear, but we can say it and I like that freedom.”

The band is anxious for the tour, but Blissful Destruction is prepared to take things slow. “You aren’t going to become a rock star overnight,” says Louton. “It takes time and practice and playing a lot of crappy shows along the way.”

With 18 months behind them, the band is excited about the possibilities the tour may bring, and they’re ready to “kick ass,” Louton says. They’ve already managed to put out a five-song demo recorded at Manny Dog Records with Chris Lee. Upon their return to Albuquerque, they plan to record a full-length record. As for the future, the band will let it all ride, just happy to keep sharing their love for that famous New Mexico sunshine. “We’re trying to spread it around like a case of mono at a junior college in Ohio,” Louton says.

Blissful Destruction kicks off their first tour this Wednesday, July 25, at Atomic Cantina. The free show also features Vena Cava, Dead on Point 5 and First Rites. Get friendly with Blissful Destruction at

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