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Michael Henningsen
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Flamenco On Fire!

Del Castillo Could Kick Your Ass

What is it about siblingdom that intensifies musical collaboration? Its a decades-old phenomenon that has left its mark on nearly every genre imaginable, but perhaps none as deeply as rock music and its seemingly endless personalities. And while one group of Texas brothers, Los Lonely Boys, seem to be receiving the highest percentage of accolades for their Latin-infused, blues-drenched rock, there's a pair of Texas-bred brothers, who, along with a singer who fancies himself the Latino Steven Tyler and a drummer, bassist and percussionist that are capable of putting most other rhythm sections to shame, are quietly and methodically taking the rock and world music stages by storm one by one.

Meet Mark and Rick del Castillo, guitar-playing brothers who appear to have been genetically predisposed to merging traditional gitano and flamenco with rock and fusion aesthetics. Their tandem sound is wickedly brilliant, as if Paco de Lucia became a giant amoeba and absorbed Yngwie Malmsteen, Carlos Santana and all 64 of the Gipsy Kings. Scarf-draped, gypsy-blooded vocalist Alejandro Ruiz punctuates the vibe with carnal style and Spanish lyrics that sound universal when delivered on his throaty growl. And once the rhythm section kicks into high gear, look the fuck out.

Del Castillo aren't about helping you relax with your glass of Merlot or convincing your pretentious gallery-grazer guests that you're cultured. Del Castillo are a band about to rock your ass into the next dimension.

Del Castillo perform Sunday, Jan. 30, at Club Rhythm & Blues—its last show ever. 21 and over, 9 p.m.

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