Breaker 19 Cd Release Party

With Thrift Store Cowboys (From Lubbock) Unit 7 Drain And Young Edward

Michael Henningsen
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Friday, Sept. 24; Launchpad (21 and over, 9 p.m.): For what seems like the past 26 years, Breaker 19 have relied on that greezy, redneck mystique that separates the truckers from the real men. Only now, well into their third decade of existence, the Breaker boys have finally put a spit-shine on their debut record and released it at truckstops from here to Tulsa. Was it worth the wait? That depends. Do you prefer breakfast buffets that feature a minimum of four different styles of pork and fried bologna? Do you subscribe to the belief that a good cup of coffee needs to have “mud” at the bottom? Do you fear God as much as you fear homosexuals, Democrats and longhairs? Are you able to explain in detail how glow plugs work? Do you own any David Allen Coe cassettes? Did you have to look up the word “subscribe” in the dictionary just now? Yeah? Then Keep it On the Road was definitely worth the wait.

What we have here is a collection of 10 classic- sounding country-fried odes to the American road as viewed from the jumpseat of the big rigs these boys prefer to drive. And if that ain't good enough for you, one of those songs happens to be Nelly's “Hot in Here.”

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