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'80S Pop Star Tiffany Performs At Pridefest

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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You’ll see her standing there at Pridefest.
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In the late ’80s, I religiously watched ABC’s TGIF, a block of four situational comedies (in 1988 it was “Perfect Strangers,” “Full House,” “Mr. Belvedere” and “Just the Ten of Us”). While I found the three slutty daughters on “Just the Ten of Us” appealing, and enjoyed the foreigner humor of “Perfect Strangers” and “Mr. Belvedere,” “Full House” was the favorite–with its relatable characters, it was probably every 8-year-old’s favorite.

An early episode titled “Joey Gets Tough” had the daughters convincing Uncle Joey to let them stay up late and watch a special TV appearance by Tiffany. There was laughter and young-girl excitement, as well as hair products and dancing. I think they got in trouble (probably when "Joey got tough," as the name suggests), and along the way, learned a valuable lesson. But I just remember wanting to find out more about Tiffany. How perfectly that show and the pop singer complemented one another; it was probably, for many girls, their introduction to Tiffany.

These days, nearly 20 years after her rise to fame as a teen pop star and subsequent decline after a third, poorly-selling album, the “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “Could’ve Been” and “I Saw Him Standing There” platinum hit-maker is touring and working in television as a VH1 host and the like. She also made a 2002 appearance in
Playboy , which was the one and only time I, and many other then-grown girls, ever got excited about an appearance in Playboy .

Tiffany has released a handful of albums since her ill-fated third in 1990. Just this year, she released an album of dance anthems aimed at the gay community, which is admittedly better than any of her sugary, over-produced hits from the ’80s.
Dust Off and Dance aptly accomplishes its goal: Just listening to it transports me to a boy’s club-like atmosphere where I imagine myself sweating in something sassy and shaking my ass. Subsequently, she will be staging a concert at Pridefest, which to me, sounds like the best possible situation in which to see a Tiffany performance.

Also performing at Pridefest is ’70s UK soul singer Maxine Nightingale, responsible for hits like “Right Back Where We Started From” and “Lead Me On.”

Maxine Nightingale performs on the Expo New Mexico Main Stage Saturday at 3 p.m. Tiffany will perform on the Main Stage at 7 p.m. For more info visit

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