Chris Rock

Michael Henningsen
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Sunday, Jan. 18; Route 66 Casino (I-40 at Exit 140, 10 minutes west of Albuquerque, 21 and over, 7:30 p.m.): OK, so Chris Rock is a comedian and not a musical act. The fact remains, though, that Chris Rock indeed rocks and, with just a little stretch of the imagination, he could easily be called the “rock star of stand-up comics.” Since his silly haired debut on “Saturday Night Live” and eon ago, Rock has released two live CDs (both of which carry vague musical elements) that are, for lack of a better word, hi-fucking-larious. In fact, Rock is so damn funny and talented that I'd rather spend an evening listening to him than at most concerts I can think of.

From politics and racism to fame and celebrity, Rock makes just about any topic digestible through humor, but also manages to make more than a few salient points about the world we live in. The only other comedian who currently comes close to Rock's genius is Brit transvestite Eddie Izzard, so don't miss yoour chance to see a true American comedic legend!

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